Corrective & Preventive Maintenance Software

MaintenanceEssentials is a cloud-based corrective and preventive work management solution that simplifies the work order process from request to completion and helps you schedule recurring maintenance and PM tasks – ensuring problems are identified before they become an emergency.

  • Allows work order requests to be submitted from anywhere, reducing emails, phone calls and hallway requests
  • Routes, prioritizes and ranks work order requests in real time by project, location, budget and available inventory
  • Generates recurring customized PM schedules and groups work orders by project, location, budget and inventory
  • Tracks all work orders submitted and generates customizable reports to calculate budget and staffing needs

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Get the Most Value

Combine corrective maintenance management with:

  • Inventory management to track all inventory supplies and ensure the right parts are available for upcoming repairs
  • Capital Forecasting to take work that comes in and create a central area to track your future needs with estimates
  • Building automation to escalate and track critical issues as work orders instead of as text messages on your phones
  • Event scheduling to have work orders generated as your staff supports these events. Now you can track your actual costs for event support
  • IT incident management to simplify the request process for your end users by allowing them to go to one place for technology requests as well as maintenance needs

Now you've simplified the entire process of maintenance management.

Our top-rated maintenance scheduling software allows you to manage your school’s work orders efficiently. Call us to see what our maintenance tracking software can do for you.

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