Facility & Building Automation Integration Software

FSAutomation is a Cloud-based solution that integrates with FSDirect to share data with your building automation system (BAS). Automatically schedule your systems, such as HVAC and lighting, to coordinate with facility usage.

  • Integrates with FSDirect and your BAS to coordinate facility scheduling
  • Enables event schedule changes in FSDirect to automatically reset your BAS to controlled mode
  • Includes timed BAS overrides to control building conditioning and costs
  • Provides historical documentation of all scheduled events, cancellations and overrides

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  • FSAutomation Datasheet
  • Case Study Wayne Westland Community Schools
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Get the Most Value

Combine facility & building automation with field trip planning and community use of facilities to complete your facility usage solution.

Cut costs and excess resource usage by managing your school’s facilities with our customizable cloud-based solutions. We provide unlimited customer support and training to make sure you’re thoroughly satisfied with our facilities and capital asset management services.

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