Building Automation Alarm & Work Order Integration Software

Critical Alarm Automation is a building automation alarm solution that integrates with MaintenanceDirect and allows you to tackle problems before they become emergencies. Automatically filter ‘nuisance’ alarms, generate work orders within MaintenanceDirect and escalate critical alarms to appropriate personnel.

  • Escalates and tracks critical alarms based on your preferences
  • Generates work orders automatically only as desired
  • Extends the life-cycle of equipment with 24/7 monitoring
  • Documents equipment alarm history to justify replacements

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Kent ISD has been using Critical Alarm Automation for the last year. We love the way the system automatically makes work orders for us. Even more, we appreciatethe way it persistently bugs us with reminders on our phones until we take action on the work order. That is invaluable.”Frank Hayward, Kent Intemediate School District, MI