SchoolDude KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, make it easy to see how your school is doing and where it can improve. Compare your results against schools nationwide, measure progress, and prove value—all from one dynamic dashboard.

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We all want the same for our schools and each of our students: To always keep improving.

But to take the first steps to improve, you need to know where you stand.

SchoolDude KPIs let you benchmark how your school is performing compared with your peers—based on the SchoolDude solutions you already use. 

All together with a community of professionals in over 6,000 schools around the country—each working to make their schools better every day.



Know where you stand and set standards going forward

  • Set clear, measurable goals
  • Gain perspective on your progress by comparing with your peers
  • Be a part of a community working to make their schools better every day

Show progress

Prove the difference you and your team can make

  • See your accomplishments over time
  • Protect your team and promote their hard work
  • Make a compelling case for more resources


With better data you can make better decisions

  • Feel more confident in the steps you’re taking
  • Isolate problems and test solutions for impact
  • Make investments in the areas with the greatest need

Every KPI is a conversation

Our clients use SchoolDude to process and track millions of tasks every year—creating the world’s largest educational operations database.

We’ve created more than 50 KPIs with this data, in the following categories:


Building systems, equipment, and work processes


Scheduled maintenance of building systems and equipment


Property, including goods in stock and building contents


IT staff, resources, and work processes


Use of facilities for internal events and external rentals


Building consumption and costs


Transportation staff, resources, and costs


Safety plans: mobile-readiness, currency, and accessibility

Inside the KPI Dashboard

KPIs are a snapshot in time. Your data is continually updated along with your peers.

The black triangle represents your data. It’s where you are today, and will help you determine where you want to be in the future.

The red/yellow/green scale marked by the white triangles represents a sweet spot range in comparison to your peers.

Easily export the chart as a graphic to share with your staff and include in your own presentations.

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