Business Intelligence...Redefined!

The Dude Data Dashboard is a Business Intelligence product that tracks and graphically presents your SchoolDude data - giving you the insight and tools for continuous improvement.

There are currently 52 Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) available, with more being added with each new version. See your performance data as well as benchmarks on how you compare to over 6000 SchoolDude users across the country and around the globe. There is simply no other source for this valuable benchmark information. Compare your performance to the average user or to the SchoolDude Campus Champions that consistently perform in the top 20 percentile of all users.

It's not good enough to show you how you're performing, without a means for improvement. Use the step-by-step guides on how to best improve your performance based on your KPI score.

Read how some of your peers are using the Dude Data Dashboard to drive better business decisions.

What’s in it for you?

Benchmarks. Analysis. Context. Perspective.

  • Recognize your success
  • Showcase the impact you’re making at your institution and community
  • Help justify staff, resources, customer service, responsiveness and team productivity
  • Highlight best practices
  • Highlight opportunities for improvement
  • Illustrate the value of your SchoolDude investment

What’s a KPI?

Key Performance Indicators, commonly known as KPIs

Quantifiable measurements that display a detailed view of performance. They are commonly used by organizations to evaluate the level of success of a particular activity.

What to Expect

We see a portion of your operation.

These KPIs won’t solve world peace. SchoolDude sees a portion of your overall operation – and it is this portion we can measure and provide visibility for you. What you’ll see are:

  • The importance of the KPIs and what they mean to your institution
  • The foundational KPIs for maintenance, preventive maintenance, inventory, facility use, energy and technology
  • Specific best practices to improve your score, collected from our more than 6,000 clients
  • Clients who’ve achieved success and their recommendations, tips, resources and success guides

Where did the data come from?

We have the largest education specific database on the planet.

  • SchoolDude maintains 450 servers that store 75 terabytes of data.
  • We are tracking more than $1B of Energy spend in our software.
  • Our clients complete millions of work orders, incidents, inventory and facility requests annually.

Ready to dive in?

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