A Virtual EOC Could Save Lives in a Crisis

In 2008, a British surgeon by the name of David Knott was volunteering in the Congo when he was faced with a difficult situation: Perform a complicated operation which he had never done before in order to save the life of a 16-year old boy.

A colleague back home in London used a series of text messages to guide Dr. Knott through the procedure step-by-step, and the operation was successful. It’s an incredible story and one that displays the effectiveness of a virtual Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

At SchoolDude, we’ve created a virtual EOC with our latest development: A smartphone app to guide your faculty and staff during times of incidents and emergencies. From any location, your school employees can be given the information they need to guide themselves and your students to safety.

Create a Virtual EOC for Your School

With SchoolDude’s help, you can set up a virtual EOC for your school. Here’s how a safety incident is managed with our platform:

  • A school administrator becomes aware of an emergency or safety situation and uses a push notification to quickly spread the word to faculty and staff
  • Upon receiving the message, the users then instantly utilize previously published material regarding your school’s safety and emergency plans
  • Your faculty and staff now have all the information they need in order to guide everyone around them to safety

There are no limits as to the type of situations that can be handled with a virtual EOC set up by SchoolDude. Use it to lead an evacuation route during a fire, execute a building lockdown due to an intruder or communicate a dangerous weather threat or hazardous chemical spill.

Watch this short video to see how you can operate a virtual EOC at your school with the help of SchoolDude. You just might save a life.

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