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As schools, colleges and universities continue to grow, so do the piles of service orders on administrators’ desks. According to a recent study, U.S. public elementary and secondary schools spend approximately $265 billion per year, with 10.3% of that going to facilities operations and maintenance. With so much work to do and limited staffing, time and funds, finding a better way to manage service orders is becoming a top priority for many institutions. SchoolDude’s service order software offers solutions for educational institutions looking to organize and prioritize their service orders, improve labor efficiency and increase the overall productivity of their maintenance departments.

SchoolDude has designed an operations management platform exclusively for educational institutions that fulfills the needs of multiple departments through innovative cloud-based technology. Since opening in 1999, we have been a market leader in education enterprise asset management with over 1 million education professionals using our platform.

Overcome Your Maintenance Challeges

Schools face challenges across multiple departments every day, but maintenance challenges can be especially critical because they directly affect student safety and well-being.

Challenge #1 : ORGANIZATION

When service orders are written on paper and thrown on a desk, staying organized is nearly impossible. SchoolDude’s service order software keeps all of your service orders in one central location: your smartphone.

Challenge #2 : COMMUNICATION

It takes a lot of people working together to effectively execute a maintenance project. If all of these people are not on the same page, projects can cost twice as much and take twice as long to complete. SchoolDude’s service order software allows users to clearly communicate assignments in real-time and allows contractors to receive service order requests in the field.


Many schools feel that they do not have the amount of staffing or the budget to support a proper maintenance solution. SchoolDude’s service order software requires little training, with 85% of users needing little-to-no internal technical resources to support it. On top of that, SchoolDude’s solutions are customizable and are priced according to institution type and size.

If you have challenges, SchoolDude can solve them. Check out how Frostburg State University was able to complete 5,489 service orders in one year using SchoolDude!

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