Guide for Developing a School Safety Plan

Every school should develop a safety plan that can be easily updated once a year. This helps ensure that the information included in the safety plan remains current, valid, and relevant. Read on to learn how to develop a school safety plan of your own and the measures you can take to keep your students, faculty, and staff safe during the wake of an incident.

Key Elements of a Safety Plan

FEMA’s Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans defines safety preparedness around 5 mission areas:

  • Prevention. Having the means to avoid, deter, or stop a safety incident.
  • Protection. Ongoing actions that protect students, staff, teachers, visitors, and property from a threat.
  • Mitigation. The capability to lessen the impact of an emergency to eliminate or reduce fatalities and/or property damage.
  • Response. Stabilizing an incident once it has happened and reestablish a safe environment.
  • Recovery. Restore the learning environment once an incident subsides.

Your school's safety plan should outline both normal operations and how to operate during emergency situations. Once your school's safety plan is in place, it should be shared with the superintendent, local law enforcement, and other relevant parties for approval. Lastly, the plan should be shared with faculty and staff to ensure every member is ready for various scenarios.

Safety plans should consider:

  • Routine procedures for before, during, and after school activities
  • Natural disasters
  • Industrial disasters
  • Terrorism, gang activity, or armed intruders

Schools have traditionally relied on measures like fire drills, emergency training for teachers and staff, and wall-mounted safety instructions to convey the specifics of their school safety plans. Unfortunately, these measures are sometimes not enough.

What if the exits you’ve trained to use are blocked? What if an unforeseen situation arises? How do you communicate in real time with teachers and staff so that the whole school can respond easily as the situation unfolds? Today’s schools need more than a safety plan; they need a digital safety plan that can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Your plan in their pocket

SchoolDude’s new mobile safety platform is an intuitive technology designed to help set up and customize emergency plans for each unique school, connect multiple users, and push ongoing information in an emergency via an app on users’ smartphones.

With our innovative app, you can:

  • Easily set up and publish customized plans
  • Communicate updates to plans without paper copies or staff meetings
  • Get your staff on board easily with the intuitive platform
  • Push ongoing, real-time notifications to users during an emergency to alert them and keep them apprised of developments
  • Create incident reports that include photos and GPS location

Emergencies don’t happen every day. But when they do, everyday devices can help schools deploy successful school safety plans. You, your staff, your faculty and your students all deserve peace of mind. With our robust safety platform, that peace of mind lives in your pocket. Learn more about our new application today!

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