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Facilities often require maintenance at the most inopportune times: during budget cuts and layoffs, when other (more pressing) issues arise, or while your facilities manager is on vacation. No matter the circumstances, however, maintenance work often cannot wait. To run safely and efficiently, that leaky roof needs patching. That malfunctioning boiler needs repairing. And those fluorescent tubes need replacing. Most of all, they need it now.

Up until now, mobile maintenance referred mainly to auto, public transit, and construction equipment. Since the onset of the digital age, however, mobile maintenance has evolved into something much different.

SchoolDude, an industry leader in education asset management, saw an opportunity in 1999 to help improve the way schools operate with an evolved vision of mobile maintenance. Since then, SchoolDude has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions to help streamline the maintenance process of educational institutions of all sizes and types. As schools all over the country are facing the challenge of higher expectations and lower budgets, it is becoming harder for them to support student learning without the help of maintenance technology.

When you think about school expenses, what comes to mind? School lunches? Classroom supplies? Teachers’ salaries? One expense that is often overlooked is maintenance costs. The median U.S. school district spends 9.19% of total district expenditures on maintenance and operations each year. While many schools are interested in improving operation efficiency, most schools need help to do so. If you are looking to adjust the efficiency in which your school completes maintenance tasks, SchoolDude’s mobile maintenance software is just the help you need.

What Mobile Maintenance Means for your School

SchoolDude’s mobile maintenance software is a simple online application that users upload to their smartphone in seconds. With SchoolDude’s maintenance app your school will have improved:


Manage maintenance work orders on one platform so users always know which tasks need to be completed and how far projects are from completion.


SchoolDude’s mobile maintenance software automatically routes maintenance requests and submits work orders to the right users, reducing emails and phone calls and increasing productivity by 27%


Users can make online maintenance requests and communicate in real-time, so staff members are always in the loop and on the same page.


SchoolDude’s mobile maintenance software streamlines the process of scheduling reactive and preventive maintenance to better plan for future capital needs.

Scott Travis, the Director of Facilities Operations at Adams State University implemented SchoolDude’s mobile maintenance software in less than 30 days. “We had a smooth implementation process,” Scott says, “My staff is now more efficient because they can close work orders from their phones while in the field.” Click here to read more about SchoolDude’s mobile maintenance software. 

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