Improve Your Institution's Processes with Maintenance Tracking Software

Competent maintenance tracking software that keeps track of crucial functions like assets, work orders, budgets, and facilities is a necessity when trying to improve productivity and increase revenue for your institution. Making sure components function efficiently is no easy task. Maintenance tracking software allows institutions to easily plan, schedule, and prioritize work orders to ensure the highest, most effective operating system that best meets your facility's specific needs through a cloud-based, customizable, easy to use system.

As the demands for effective maintenance programs in schools increase, many schools (and their budgets) are finding it harder to keep up. Nationally, it is estimated that public elementary and secondary schools spend over $23 billion a year on facilities operation and maintenance. If this number seems high to you, you are not alone. While most schools understand the importance of implementing a maintenance program, many are searching for more cost effective ways to do it. Today, over 6,000 districts, independent schools, colleges, and universities are using SchoolDude to help streamline their processes through cloud-based maintenance tracking software and other solutions.

SchoolDude understands the education business and has built a system configured to solving the market’s unique challenges. Today, we are the #1 provider of cloud solutions and 8 out of 10 institutions choose SchoolDude to help better manage their facilities, IT and business operations. At SchoolDude, we are not only selling our clients a product, but we’re also helping them to be successful.

Yes, Even Your School Can Benefit From Maintenance Tracking Software

Every school can benefit from SchoolDude because all of our solutions are customizable and can be scaled to the size of your institution. In fact, you will save 80% in total cost of ownership compared to other CMMS. What else makes our maintenance tracking software unique?

Lifetime support and role-based training

SchoolDude is there for you every step of the way, and 80% of users require only hours or days of training to be proficient.

Secure data

With SchoolDude, all of your data is hosted in a secure data center that can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Solid metrics

Measure your performance and explore areas of development through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

But don’t just take it from us -- thousands of institutions have improved their processes with our help.

The University of Richmond wanted a better way to improve their work order management process and turned to SchoolDude for help. Now the university completes 375 work orders per week! For more information about SchoolDude, our solutions, pricing, or availability, speak with an expert today.

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