Maintenance PM Software

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

This advice was doled out by Thomas Bertram Lance in 1977 in response to the government’s penchant for mismanaging money. While it’s some of the best advice ever given, in the case of your school facilities, it’s also some of the worst.

It’s imperative that facility managers keep their assets in tip-top shape and the best way to do this is by performing preventive maintenance (PM). Software now makes this easier than ever with companies like SchoolDude providing cloud-based solutions for school maintenance departments. Our software schedules routine maintenance work for high-energy systems, IT equipment or anything else found at school facilities that can’t afford to skip a beat. There are a number of benefits to performing preventive maintenance and PM software like ours makes it possible.

Fix It Before It’s Broke

There are a number of advantages to conducting maintenance with PM software from SchoolDude.

  • Emergency work orders have been found to cost as much as eight times more than routine preventive maintenance tasks
  • Regular maintenance will extend the life of your equipment and SchoolDude’s software can seamlessly schedule it for you
  • Maintenance labor and staffing needs are more easily justified
  • Inventory is easily requested, tracked and ordered
  • Energy use is compounded by pinpointing weaknesses in equipment
  • Potential breakdowns are identified before becoming major problems, allowing you to forecast your future needs and avoid surprise expenses
  • Reduce risk and improve safety by addressing equipment issues before they become hazardous

Discover all the benefits of performing maintenance with PM software from SchoolDude and remember, if it isn’t fixed, it will eventually break. 

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