Low Cost Mobile Emergency Management App

With the advent of smartphones, emergency management has made it to the 21st century. There are apps for every kind of disaster: even FEMA has one!

But what do you do if you need an app for your school? 

As the caretaker of your school’s budget, you want to be sure that any money spent is for a worthy cause and has long-term sustainability. SchoolDude has developed a low-cost mobile emergency management app that serves both of these needs.

SchoolDude has a new low-price, high-performance mobile app built specifically for education systems to manage emergencies, report incidents, mass notifications and more. While it is high on functionality, this low cost mobile emergency management app is easy on your budget.

  • SchoolDude offers 14 software solutions available exclusively for schools. We know school budgets are tight and we work to make our CMMS available within those budgets.
  • Our mobile safety solution is priced per person with no additional fees for unlimited downloads and users.
  • Utilize an unlimited number of push button alerts and update, modify or customize those notifications at no charge.

Don’t Let Your Mobile Emergency Management App Cost You

You probably have a safety plan in place. But if you’re among the majority of schools that use handbooks in binders, maps and paper diagrams to display that plan, you can both improve your emergency management system while cutting costs at the same time. Anytime your infrastructure changes, you’re forced to update your safety information. Think of all the resources that are involved with that process—from the design process to the printer to time invested getting everyone on board with the new plan. Now consider that our mobile emergency management app is available at a fraction of that cost.

Whenever your emergency plan needs to be updated or modified, it can be done immediately and in an instant your staff and faculty will have the new plan on their mobile devices.

How much would you pay to keep your people safe? With SchoolDude’s state-of-the-art low-cost mobile emergency management app, you can be totally equipped in an emergency without having to break the bank.

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