Top Facility Manager Software

Look around your desk. There’s folders, binders and loose papers stacked up around you. The voicemail light on your office phone is winking at you and your email inbox is backed up. You’re looking for a better way to manage your facility and SchoolDude is looking to help.

In fact, we’ve been building facility manager software to help people just like you for over a decade and we’ve risen to the top of the industry in the meantime. Our full suite of cloud-based facility manager software solutions include programs for:

  • Maintenance
  • Inventory
  • Safety
  • Scheduling
  • Energy Use
  • Technology

Facility Manager Software Done Right

There are other facility manager software programs out there but SchoolDude stands alone at the top and it’s easy to see why. With SchoolDude, you”ll get:

  • Credibility. Check out some of our national partners, endorsements and alliances.
  • Experience. We serve over 5,000 public K-12 school districts, more than 500 independent and private institutions and have served nearly 700 colleges and universities over the years.
  • Simplicity. Our software is cloud-based, requiring no installation, minimal training and access from anywhere.
  • Support. You’ll love our one-on-one training and unlimited lifetime support via phone, email or live chat.
  • Affordability. We price out our software per student range so no matter your school size, there’s a SchoolDude solution for you.
  • Results. Great Valley School District generates $150,000 in annual cost recovery with SchoolDude.
  • Growth. We’re expected to triple our headcount over the next five years with a $100 million investment.

Take one last look at your desk. Then check out a summary of each of our facility manager software options as well as the top 10 SchoolDude advantages and consider how our facility manager software can make life easier for you.

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