How Can an Emergency Notification App Help Administrators with Emergency Communication with Parents?

An emergency notification app helps ensure the best communication in the event of every type of emergency.

Violence, inclement weather, fires – they can strike any of us at any time.

Of course, there are measures we can take to better prepare ourselves and our families for these unexpected events. Perhaps you created a family escape plan for everyone to follow in the case of a fire. Or maybe you established a family code word that must be answered before opening the front door.

But what about those times when our children are away from us at school, at youth group, at a friend’s house?

Parents know sending their children off to school each day, simply trusting in their safety, is nerve racking.

That’s why SchoolDude’s emergency notification app allows teachers, faculty, and staff members to access information from their smartphones. Parents will never stop caring about their children’s safety, but they can feel confident that their children will be properly cared for.

Since 1999, SchoolDude has developed software specifically for educational institutions that helps better manage their facilities, IT, and business operations. Today, more than 1 million education professionals use SchoolDude solutions, making it the #1 cloud-based software in the country for schools, colleges, and universities.

What’s in an App?

More than you might think!

Our emergency notification app complements your school’s existing communications and allows administrators to publish custom safety plans to a single cloud-based platform.

There’s more!

It can also:

  • Update safety plans as often as needed and alert users of changes as they occur.
  • Establish a clear strategy, empowering teachers, faculty, and staff to think quickly and knowledgeably in the case of an incident.
  • Build upon your safety solution as the need to create new plans arises.
  • Password protect your plans and allow access based on role.
  • Have an emergency notification system within minutes by uploading SchoolDude’s app from your device’s app store.

Last year, 9 out of 10 school administrators communicated with parents regarding a safety incident or issue. Knowing that your children’s school has prepared for and invested in a solution like SchoolDude gives the peace of mind every parent deserves.

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