4 Questions to Ask When Selecting an Emergency Management App.

Educational institutions are working hard to improve safety conditions on their campuses.

For instance, the University of Kentucky plans to spend $5 million on the installation of almost 2,000 security cameras on campus to help prevent future crimes, and other institutions have already invested a great deal of money in security cameras. Penn State has installed 2,000 security cameras throughout its campus since 1995 and plans to add another 422 cameras this year.

Unfortunately, not all schools have the budgets to support such a large investment, and expensive security equipment is only one part of the solution. If you are among the 52% of institutions who need an affordable solution to improve their crisis and emergency response system, SchoolDude’s emergency management app has you covered.

Choosing the Best Emergency App

While a rapid increase in technology has made finding emergency management apps easier than ever, not all applications are created equal.

4 questions to ask when selecting emergency management applications for your school:

  1. Does the company have a good reputation? More than 6,000 districts, independent schools, colleges, and universities choose SchoolDude to help them save energy, track facilities, and enhance operational and safety processes. 87% of our clients say that they would recommend us to friends and colleagues.
  2. Is the emergency response software easy to implement? Many schools invest in emergency response software but never implement it because of constraints on time and internal resources. Our emergency response software can be uploaded from most mobile app stores and requires no special technical skills to install or use.
  3. Is it affordable? Our software is priced per student range and is affordable for both large and small institutions.
  4. Is it versatile? Update and modify safety plans, send and receive texts and push notifications, and report safety issues like bullying and vandalism on a single web-based platform.

It is important to remember that maintaining a safe institution is an active process and does not end after the implementation of emergency management software. Our solutions are designed for integration to ensure your institution is highly functional, safe, and productive across all departments. Even better? Every SchoolDude subscription comes with lifetime training and support!

SchoolDude is your resource for everything related to school operations. Since opening in 1999, we have been a market leader in cloud-based solutions for educational institutions. We have more than 6,000 districts, independent schools, colleges, and universities using our platform.

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