Do You Need to Find an Easy CMMS?

Do you need to upgrade your facility's management system, but are intimidated by complex new software that uses advanced technology? Simplify things with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). SchoolDude's easy CMMS is developed with the school administrator in mind. Our programs are simple to implement and require no software or hardware installation or maintenance. How? Because they're based in the cloud. Instead of doing work via downloaded software, you just log in online and get going. Now that's easy.

CMMS Made Easy

SchoolDude’s easy CMMS helps schools become more efficient by offering simple solutions to help them streamline their processes and simplify work flow.

SchoolDude is a purpose-driven software suite that serves your entire educational enterprise, integrating your departments and improving communication and workflow in order to improve services and efficiency. Though easy facilities management solutions may sound too good to be true, that is exactly what you’ll find when you work with SchoolDude. This is how we keep things simple:

  1. Our programs are cloud-based, meaning all you need is an internet connection. No software or hardware installation, no system upgrades and no regular maintenance.
  2. SchoolDude is accessible from anywhere with smartphones, tablets, laptops or the comfort of your home computer.
  3. We emphasize customer service and walk our customers through the implementation process beginning to end. Once SchoolDude is up and running, we’re only a phone call, email or live chat away.

SchoolDude was designed and built with the resources of educational institutions in mind. Whether you’re a small private institution serving elementary-age students or a public institution of higher learning serving thousands—you’ll find that our easy CMMS will save you money and time. 63% of facilities directors saved 5+ hours a week and 78% of users saved at least 10% in cost savings through our solutions.  What’s more, we’ll do it in a way that is user-friendly, easy to operate and quickly adoptable.

See how our easy CMMS systems work and how they can work for you.

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