EAM CMMS Two-in-One Software

EAM or CMMS? Which is right for you? Which one is better?

Better yet, what’s the difference?

These acronyms are sometimes used interchangeably but they are in fact quite different. An EAM, or Enterprise Asset Management, focuses more on the cost value of the asset while a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) manages the maintenance work necessary to sustain the asset itself.

That is, unless you’re talking about SchoolDude. The number-one provider of cloud-based asset management programs for schools, our software functions equally as both.

EAM and CMMS, the Best of Both Worlds

SchoolDude’s software accomplishes the role of both EAM and CMMS alike. First, let’s look at our EAM functionality:

  • Our software can be used to track and forecast all costs associated with labor, inventory and spending budget
  • Identify inventory that is not being used and be alerted of stock pools that are low and need to be replenished
  • Track inventory as it moves from one transaction to the next to reduce diminishing numbers and increase accountability
  • Justify labor, staffing and overtime needs by having every task documented

And now, for SchoolDude’s role as a CMMS:

  • Submit and receive maintenance work orders from any location for fast turnaround
  • Schedule preventive maintenance to improve the quality of systems and equipment
  • Assign jobs to specific staff members and automate any corresponding inventory or instruction needs

SchoolDude has found a way to provide both EAM and CMMS software in an easy to implement, affordable and effective suite of solutions. Check out an overview of our programs for a complete idea of how SchoolDude satisfies the role of both an EAM and CMMS through a variety of different measures. Don’t settle just for one. Integrate both with SchoolDude.

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