Customizable CMMS Software

Sick of conforming to solutions that just aren’t the right fit for your needs or your school? SchoolDude, the industry leader in cloud-based software solutions has just what you need.

Flexibility of software solutions can be an issue when it comes to the efficient operation of a school facility. There’s a tight budget and limited staff to consider, paired with an increasing population of students—amplifying the need for a solution that fits just right.

Luckily, SchoolDude designs customizable CMMS software so you can seamlessly manage your facility without stressing over your bottom line. Our CMMS programs are cloud-based so there’s no expensive hardware or software to purchase or install. This also reduces costs by not requiring maintenance or labor from an IT department. Updates to the system happen with no additional fees to you.

Our CMMS Software is Flexible

SchoolDude’s customizable CMMS software is not only easy to use and flexible, it’s affordable. Top 5 ways our CMMS software pays for itself:

  1. Save on energy costs by better managing allocated assets
  2. Increase staff productivity to get more out of what you have
  3. Extend the life of your equipment and facilities with our preventive maintenance programs
  4. Reduce risk and liability
  5. Find out where you’re wasting money and identify areas of potential savings

Check out an example of how SchoolDude’s affordable CMMS software has made a difference in the Rogers Public School District and imagine your own school experiencing the same.

When shopping for a customizable CMMS software system, schools often end up settling for a program that only fits their budget and not their needs. But SchoolDude has a customizable suite of solutions and a team of experts that will build a plan specific to your needs. We serve educational institutions big and small, public and private, from kindergarten through college and university. Our solutions can work for you no matter the size of your budget or resources.

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