Stay in Control with Crisis Management Software

Natural disasters, fires, violence, disease outbreaks: no matter what type of incident your school faces, being able to respond and act quickly is what will ensure the safety of your students, faculty and staff. However, to act quickly, staff members must first have a plan. This is where SchoolDude’s crisis management software comes in.

SchoolDude delivers cloud-based applications that help both small and large institutions better manage their facilities, IT, and business operations and has been the market leader in cloud solutions for schools since opening in 1999.

Finding The Right Crisis Management Software

Our crisis management software is designed exclusively for educational institutions, and we have subject matter experts on schools of every size.

Some common questions about SchoolDude’s crisis management software:

Will SchoolDude’s crisis management software replace my school’s current safety plan?

Not necessarily. More than anything, our crisis management software is designed to integrate with your school’s safety plan to improve it through accessibility. Publish current safety plans to SchoolDude’s unique web-based platform, develop new plans, and update them as often as needed.

Is SchoolDude’s crisis management software a text alert system?

Yes, and more, with our crisis management software you will also be able to:

  • Establish incident locations using GPS technology.
  • Send detailed incident reports with pictures.
  • Manage safety plans on a single cloud-based platform and share those plans with as many users as needed.
  • Password protect your plans.

Is SchoolDude’s crisis management software affordable?

Yes. All of our solutions are designed to be affordable, accessible, and customizable. Schools of all sizes can benefit (and afford) our crisis management software because our software is priced according to the size of your school. In fact, 200 of the districts using SchoolDude have only 500 students or less.

Although 3 out of 5 schools say that they feel at least somewhat prepared to handle a crisis, many are revisiting their strategies in light of recent events. Check out this quick video to learn more!

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