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With the internet available to anyone at any time, it is simple to thoroughly review a service or product before purchasing them. Here, SchoolDude offers a brief review of our CMMS software to help you determine if it is right for your institution. SchoolDude is a company that helps schools, colleges and universities manage their CMMS software needs and a company who was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country.

SchoolDude’s CMMS Software: A Review

Is SchoolDude’s CMMS software right for your school? Read on to find out!

What it does:

SchoolDude’s CMMS software was designed specifically for the needs of education professionals who were looking for a way to streamline all areas of their operations. SchoolDude’s CMMS software helps oversee schools’ maintenance management, energy management, facility usage and technology management through cloud-based technology that can be accessed by an unlimited number of users from any computer or mobile device. SchoolDude’s CMMS software provides a birds eye view of your institution’s operations to help determine which areas are costing you the most time, money and resources. And, offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that can be customized based on your school’s unique needs.

What it doesn’t do:

Waste valuable resources. SchoolDude’s CMMS software is completely web based which saves your institution supplies that can add up over time and cost your school extra money. All of our solutions are built to work together to cut down on waste across all departments and in turn, promote cost savings.

Who is using it?

Currently, over 6,000 districts, independant schools, colleges and universities are using SchoolDude’s CMMS software, and we serve clients in 18 countries across the globe. When asked, “Would you recommend SchoolDude?” 87% of clients said that they would, making SchoolDude’s score the highest of all industry categories.

What are they saying about it?

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Whatever your institution is looking to get out of CMMS software, SchoolDude has a solution that will suit its needs and budget. Campbell University recently turned to SchoolDude to help implement a plan of action to launch 8 CMMS solutions in 22 days. By the end of their first week using SchoolDude, Campbell had generated 1,028 maintenance work orders and closed out 339. Call or email us today to find out more about how we can help your school.

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