Web Based School CMMS Maintenance Software

There’s no questioning that technology is changing the way maintenance is carried out. From the scheduling of work orders to managing inventory to tracking labor, CMMS maintenance software is a hot topic in school maintenance departments today.

Among the leaders—and one of the pioneers—of such technology is SchoolDude. We got our start back in 1999 and today we’re the top provider of cloud-based software programs for school asset management. We have a collection of CMMS maintenance software for various needs including work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory, building automation and more.

Benefits of CMMS Maintenance Software

Cogeneration highlighted some of the ways computer technology is revolutionizing the maintenance industry and SchoolDude CMMS maintenance software is playing a large part in that. Among the ways:

  • Regular servicing. SchoolDude’s software puts a preventive maintenance plan in place so your maintenance team can work on a proactive instead of reactive basis.
  • Valuable information from number crunching. We can analyze your utility bills and measure your ENERGY STAR ratings to find areas of potential savings. Or have us generate detailed reports about your inventory transactions or work order performance.
  • Investing in early warning systems. Our software can identify red flags in your equipment and energy systems and forecast for future repairs, replacements and upgrades.

These are just some of the ways SchoolDude’s CMMS maintenance software can make a difference for your school. In addition to producing results, our software is easy to use from any location, affordable for every budget and comes with unlimited support from a dedicated team of specialists.

One of the many schools to use our CMMS maintenance software is Campbell University. The school of 1,300 acres implemented our full suite of maintenance software in just 22 days and in the very first week of use closed on 399 work orders and issued 723 inventory items. Read about Campbell University’s SchoolDude experience and consider revolutionizing your maintenance department today.

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