7 Vital Questions for Purchasing CMMS Maintenance Software

While not as expensive as a house or car, CMMS maintenance software is still an important purchase with many variables to consider. It’s an investment, and you want to be sure you’re getting the right kind to suit your needs.

Steve Brous writes a blog titled Maintenance Maven, and he wrote about the seven decisions you should make before you look at CMMS software.

  1. Why? You should consider your needs and compare that to what the software offers, determining why you should select that particular product.
  2. When? Not only when do you need to implement the CMMS, but how long will it take for everyone to learn the platform.
  3. Who? Consider who will use the software: how many people and how often.
  4. Deployment? Find out where the software will need to be deployed and how.
  5. Budget? Consider what budget you have to work with, then discover how each CMMS software product charges and for how much.
  6. Purchase or rent? Find out whether you're licensing it, if it has an expiration, and what you need to do beyond the initial expenditure.
  7. Return on investment? Determine how the software can help you get a return on investing in the CMMS platform.

A CMM Maintenance System with all the Answers

Steve asked the questions. SchoolDude has the answers:

  1. Increase efficiency, improve time management, create a higher quality facility, and, most of all, save money.
  2. Our software can be fully implemented in weeks, days, and in some cases -- hours.
  3. Our CMMS maintenance software can be used by managers, maintenance workers, faculty, or staff.
  4. SchoolDude software is cloud-based and can be deployed to any location.
  5. Our pricing is scaled to sutdent size to make us affordable for every budget.
  6. Because we're cloud-based, there's no necessary licensing or expiration.
  7. Read about how SchoolDude is bringing bucks back to your budget.

That’s all great, but how does SchoolDude CMMS maintenance software work?

Simply access the software from any device with a Web connection. Submit work order requests that can be viewed by maintenance workers the minute they’re uploaded. Make your work orders, inventory, labor and budget easier to manage by having everything in one centralized location.

With our CMMS maintenance software, you can schedule preventive maintenance tasks, track utility bills or automate your energy systems in accordance with your facility usage.

For a complete overview of SchoolDude’s CMMS maintenance programs visit our maintenance solutions page or find out how one university implemented eight SchoolDude maintenance and facility programs in less than a month!

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