Best Safety Procedure Software

If you’re thinking about upgrading your current safety alert system, you’re probably shopping for the best safety procedure software on the market. SchoolDude, the top provider of cloud-based software solutions for schools, makes it easy for you to identify the best.

Our software comes in the form of an app that is installed on the smartphones of your faculty and staff. Inside the app, safety information such as evacuation maps, first-aid instructions and weather safety advice is stored and readily accessible. Push notification technology is employed to send out safety messages to users. Upon reading the message, the app opens to display detailed instructions. It’s like having your school’s safety binder with you at all times!

Identifying the Best Safety Procedure Software

There can be a lot of good safety procedure platforms but only one can be the best. So, what would the best safety procedure software look like?

It would be convenient.

SchoolDude’s software is built for smartphones so it goes anywhere you do. The app opens quickly with one touch of the screen and is available in multiple languages.

It would be innovative.

Our app uses photos, videos, links, maps, diagrams and charts to put information in easy-to-read forms.

It would be easy to install.

The app is just as easy to upload as any other app. It is supported by Apple and Android devices and is available in all major app stores.

It would be affordable.

SchoolDude’s software is priced per student range to make it scalable to every budget.

It would have superior customer service.

Our team of dedicated experts offer phone, email and live chat support for all of our clients.

Eight out of 10 institutions choose SchoolDude and 87% say they would recommend us to other schools. Only the provider of the best safety procedure software could produce such results.

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