Mobile App - The Best Mobile Emergency Management

School administrators need to get the word out about emergencies, incidents, weather delays and other important announcements. Only the best mobile emergency management app ensures your message is being heard loud and clear.

SchoolDude’s mobile safety solution is an app that takes advantage of smartphone technology to give you a mobile platform for communicating with your faculty and staff members.

Manage Emergencies from your Smartphone

SchoolDude’s solution is an internal app that stores your school’s safety information, evacuation plan and other pertinent details. The program uses push button notifications to instantly alert users on pressing information and the users can then access further insight through the app. Our solution is supported on multiple smartphone platforms and can be accessed anywhere, anytime by any user.

With push button technology, your message will not get tied up in congested cell phone service and will reach your target audience instantly. Your unlimited number of alerts can be customized with maps, diagrams, photos, videos and links to communicate even more detailed information. Different messages can be scripted for different people or positions, ensuring the most relevant information is reaching the right people at the right time.

In emergency situations, knowledge is power. The more information you can relay to those in danger, the greater their chances of reaching safety. That’s what makes SchoolDude’s solution the best mobile emergency management app money can buy. It puts your school’s emergency plan in the one thing your faculty and staff always have with them—their smartphones.

Find out how SchoolDude can improve your emergency management today.

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