3 Qualities of the Best Mobile Crisis Management Software

A rapid advancement of technology combined with an increased focus on security is leading many schools to turn to mobile crisis management software. But when it comes to school safety, no administrator — or parent — should have to settle for anything but the best.  

The best programs each share three key characteristics that every school should look for when considering mobile crisis management software. We'll tell you what they are and how they'll help.

Over time, the cost of materials can really add up. By utilizing software for your safety plan in place of binders and posters, you can cut the cost of paper and ink for your school significantly.

When weighing the different software programs, the best ones will include these three features.

5 Keys to Effective Crisis Management

Ease of use

In a time of emergency, your heart rate increases and your mind scatters. And during these moments, when you need to be sure on your feet, a complicated software program can do more harm than good. The best software programs will be easy to use even under the most stressful situations.


A crisis can happen anywhere at any time and school employees need to be able to respond under the same parameters. You won't always happen to be standing near a safety handbook or evacuation map when the moment hits. The best software programs allow for use on smartphones, which is the one thing teachers and faculty tend to have with them at all times.


The best programs restrict access to only authorized users and customize information specific to each of those users. If safety information falls into the wrong hands, it can actually work against you. Keeping confidential information safe helps keep your school even safer.


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