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Julie O'Flynn

Julie O'Flynn added the idea Target Start Date Included in Email Notification

I would like to see if we can add Target Start Date to the email notification sent to technicians when work orders are assigned. The email notification includes everything but the Target Date. If this could be added, if would help the technician se ...

21 hours ago

  • Catherine HolleyHi Julie,

    Thanks for taking the time to share this idea, I've opened it up for voting!21 hours ago

Diana Darnstaedt

Diana Darnstaedt added the idea Insurance

It would be great if when you update the insurance information in FS Direct for an organization, if the system would update the insurance on all events for that organization. It can be time consuming to find all the events and update them individuall ...

1 day ago

    Wesley Bradshaw

    Wesley Bradshawvoted on Incident Application: Archive Data

    The system should "archive" incidences at the start of every fiscal year. They can be included in Reports but excluded when you want to change Problem Types and make other administrative changes.

    1 day ago

    Kate Donnelly

    Kate Donnellycreated the blog entry In Case You Missed It: FCA: What’s the Point?

    Deferred maintenance is piling up. The roof has been patched, the boiler is running again (for now), but we know the day is inevitably going to come when things will start to break down. We just don’t know when or how to plan for it. Join Dude &hell ...

    2 days ago

      Kate Donnelly

      Kate Donnellycreated the blog entry Dude University 2017 Sessions Live!

      It’s that time folks! The first wave of sessions for Dude University 2017 have been posted here . Keep checking back as we continually upload our 200+ sessions for our annual conference! Here are a few that you can look forward to: Creating and &h ...

      2 days ago

        Dave Kornegay

        Dave Kornegaycreated the topic: What is the Weirdest or Most Hair-Raising Event You've Hosted?

        Donkeyball. Cafeteria weddings. An unapproved fair on your newly sodded field. We've heard some humdingers. Share the most funniest, outlandish, astonishing or head-shaking events you've seen in your facilities to give your peers a laugh, and maybe e ...

        2 days ago

        • Matthew Venturini (0350P)You mean Donkeyball happens in other school districts?

          At our Agriculture High School - they hosted a donkeyball fundraiser every year. One year they made the mistake of calling Facilities to ask if it was ok to do on their new gym floor. ...1 day ago

        Bobbi Antonucci

        Bobbi Antonucci added the idea Maintenance Direct - Tagging drop down lists for FEMA/Insurance

        Please add an additional level of Tagging/Categorization of a work order for the purposes of identifying work orders for Insurance or FEMA submittals. When a disaster hits, there are specific categories of expenses that can be submitted to insurance ...

        3 days ago

        • Dave KornegayBobbi, I'd lean toward Class/Type or Project as you identified and leave Purposes generic (e.g., weather damage). I may lean more toward C/T as you may not want your Projects to become too long of a list. Class could be "Disasters" and you can list ...2 days ago

        Mark Hester

        Mark Hester added the idea Upload from an excel file

        Some way to download ranges of work order in excel, make changes to the work orders and upload back to schooldude. We're trying to revise how we've classified prior work orders to improve our data and having to do them one at a time is excruciatingly ...

        3 days ago

          Catherine Holley

          Catherine Holley created the event SchoolDude – A Year in Review

          The Dude strives to be on the leading edge of innovation, leveraging new technologies to bring even more value to our clients each year. This year we saw a lot of exciting developments, and as 2016 comes to a close, we’d like to review it all with yo ...

          4 days ago

            Catherine Holley

            Catherine Holley created the event No More Firefighting: How to Transition Your Maintenance Program from Reactive to Proactive

            Most maintenance teams are spending so much time putting out fires that they have no time left to analyze trends in their facility. Ultimately, this equates to high costs and overwhelmed employees due to a lack of continuous improvement. Join our web ...

            4 days ago

              Catherine Holley

              Catherine Holley created the event Mobile Device Management – Strategies for Success

              60% of schools use laptops in the classroom every day. With the influx of mobile devices in your school buildings, the question becomes how do you manage these devices to create a conducive learning environment? The answer is mobile device managem ...

              4 days ago

                Dave Kornegay

                Dave Kornegay created the event Cockroaches in Your School...You Rarely Find Just One

                Wherever there is food and water, cockroaches will thrive. Schools have kitchens, cafeterias and break rooms – all notorious cockroach havens. Cockroaches hide in cracks, crawl spaces, cardboard boxes, between walls, in appliances and in false bottom ...

                5 days ago

                  Barbara Johnson

                  Barbara Johnsoncreated the topic: Excel print options

                  I noticed that some of the set up lists or report options don't allow for an excel option at the end of the specification page. For example, Account set-up, Users - gives me a list of Maintenance Direct Users, but the bottom does not give me an optio ...

                  1 week ago

                  • Dave KornegayFor MD, there is a report option to PDF and XLS to try:

                    1) ACCOUNT SETUP tab
                    2) Click "Users" , or click "MD Users" via blue SHORTCUTS
                    3) Mouse over blue SHORTCUTS and choose "Report"

                    For Excel, the Detailed Report wil ...1 week ago

                  Sam Zippin

                  Sam Zippincreated the blog entry Interview with District 49

                  On our recent webinar, over 75% of attendees indicated they think a business intelligence tool would be useful or very useful to their institution and could help with maintenance and operations. On our recent webinar, Numbers that Matter: The Power ...

                  1 week ago

                    Edith Davis

                    Edith Davisvoted on Facilities requestor reminder email

                    We would like Schooldude to have the capability to send a reminder to a facilities requestor 7-10 days prior to the date of the reservation they requested.

                    2 weeks ago

                    Dave Kornegay

                    Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Enhancement to Mobile Safety App and Publishing Portal

                    The Dude's safety and emergency preparedness application has been updated to support the new mobile operating systems for Apple iOS10 and Android Nougat. Behind the scenes and under the hood, updates were performed concerning push notification &hell ...

                    2 weeks ago

                      Joan Adams

                      Joan Adamsvoted on Problem Types

                      You should be able to turn off a Problem Type and it not effect past information. This is an outdated design. If a school used something 8 years ago, and now doesn't there is no way to take that problem type off the options. You should be able to to ...

                      2 weeks ago

                      Greg Bellamy

                      Greg Bellamy added the idea Automatic Re-Assign when changing Status from Anything to Parts on Order

                      In Maintenance Direct it would be helpful when a technician changes the status from work in progress to parts on order that the WO# could be automatically assigned to the Facilities Parts person. Then When the parts person gets the parts in and deliv ...

                      2 weeks ago

                      • Dave KornegayThank you Greg. This is noted, voting is open and comments are enabled.

                        Something in the meantime: you could use Saved Actions.
                        In Advanced Searching, Techs (and up) can have a search based on a status such as Waiting on Parts and ca ...2 weeks ago

                      Russ Scott

                      Russ Scott added the idea Upcoming Events should not be limited to 10 at a time.

                      Allow the table under upcoming events in FSDirect to show all of the day's events not only the first ten.

                      2 weeks ago

                      Bill Cooper

                      Bill Coopercreated the topic: Cleaning survey

                      HI All, Does anyone have a cleaning survey they would like to share? Thank you in advance for your help! Bill

                      2 weeks ago