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Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegayanswered the question generate reports by building and room number

Yes, you can use Advanced Search for filtering. The results can be sorted by a category such as Building, Area, Date, etc. You can also save the search and set up a schedule to automatically email results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as PDF, E ...
Chelsea Crump also answered the question Chelsea Crump also answered the question

2 hours ago

Ann Gackstatter

Ann Gackstattercreated the topic: Requester cannot modify their incident

Why is it that a requester cannot modify an incident they submitted? Sometimes new information comes to light and the requester wants to add detail to their request. Some want to cancel a request. At our school, many duplicates are created as request ...

4 hours ago

  • Dave KornegayGreat question. Once work has been assigned, and especially after changing the status, new requests cannot be modified by requesters. If the work is still "New" and is unassigned, the requester can modify the request.

    There is a communic ...2 hours ago

Chelsea Crump

Chelsea Crumpanswered the question Purchase transactions

Thank you for submitting your question! You technically can add on a purchase transaction to a work order that groups together multiple items by utilizing the description box then you would set the quantity to one and put in the total cost for the g ...

4 hours ago

Sam Zippin

Sam Zippincreated the blog entry How the cloud levels the playing field

In business, nearly any software or solution implemented is in the cloud, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Which begs the question – are we seeing the same trend toward cloud computing in education? According to a recent article by eSchoolNews, the ...

5 hours ago

    Lois Parkhurst

    Lois Parkhurst added the idea Change routing process in batch

    Would like to be able to change the routing process in batch. Changing each craft, building by building for a temporary situation (vacation, etc.) is too time consuming.

    5 hours ago

      Sandy Thomas

      Sandy Thomasasked the question: Purchase transactions

      Is it possible to detail several items in a description under transaction with a TOTAL COST, instead of detailing cost each on every item?

      5 hours ago

      Lois Parkhurst

      Lois Parkhurstasked the question: generate reports by building and room number

      There can be many work orders for one building and it would drill down significantly if we had the option to generate reports by building and room number.

      5 hours ago

      David Farley

      David Farley added the idea Perform Calculations on TODAY variable in query tool

      In the Schooldude Incident Query tool, we would like to be able to perform calculations based on the TODAY variable. For example (TODAY - 3) to show all tickets that match a criteria, for the past three days. Our organization has been tasked by &hell ...

      12 hours ago

      • Chelsea CrumpThank you for this idea! I am opening it up for voting! 12 hours ago

      • Dave Kornegay@David Farley, I have been able to get a formula to work in Incident's Queries by using a DateDiff with GetDate statement vs. Today. Here are some examples I've tested:

        DateDiff(d, [Incident Date], GetD ...12 hours ago

      Michael Alvarez

      Michael Alvarezcreated the topic: Resources for more Insight info

      Where is a good place to go for more info regarding Insight scanning? I am having trouble with a lot of devices that are not coming back with any info, such as phones, cameras, Dell thin clients, and wireless devices. Is there a place to find more &h ...

      12 hours ago

        Porcha Moore

        Porcha Moore added the idea Audio Notification

        It would be a great idea to have a audio notification for the program. I know i receive email notifications, but from my smartphone or tablet it would be nice to have that audio notification.

        5 days ago

        • Dave KornegayThank you for the idea!

          For anyone who uses Outlook, you can often right-click on an email in your list and set up Rules such as "play a sound", but use a different sound than the standard new email alert. In my Outlook, II turned off all ...5 days ago

        Porcha Moore

        Porcha Moore added the idea Technician Reassignment

        In this line of work, you have several techs working on a work order. It would be nice for techs to have the capability to reassign a work order once they are done with their part. For an example an HVAC tech and and Electrican all may have to work o ...

        5 days ago

        • Dave KornegayThank you Porcha. We are addressing multiple personnel assignments in the future (no release date). There are certain complexities in multiple assignments we've been presented that we are working through (e.g., who really owns it, how do we handle ...5 days ago

        area 7

        area 7voted on Duplicating Incidents/Project templates

        It would be great if Technicians had the ability to either duplicate individual incidents for repeating process, or even better, if they had the ability to use an existing project template.

        5 days ago

        George Mayor

        George Mayorcreated the topic: Open extended work order

        I am working with my grounds people to capture their time. Instead of Buildings they have assigned areas or zones, within each zone there are numerous task that take place. Example under grounds basic we have mowing, weed eating, edging, and blowing ...

        5 days ago

        • Dave KornegayGood scenario, George. I think this will come down to:

          - needing to trend time at what level
          - needing to establish a checklist
          - needing to trend count at what level
          - accountability

          TIME: do you need to track m ...5 days ago

        • Matthew Venturini (0350P)Food for thought -- if you have been collecting this data via spread sheets -- think about utilizing the "Estimated Time" feature -- plugging in a rolling average of what it should take each zone, and then you can use that to spot outliers for each z ...2 days ago

        Barry DeaKyne

        Barry DeaKyne added the idea Time Stamp from Bar Codes

        I have bar coded all of my equipment and would like to be able to have my technicians scan in when they arrive and scan out when they complete their task(s) on a given piece of equipment.

        6 days ago

        Debbie Poulin

        Debbie Poulin added the idea No room limit

        It would be really nice if FSDirect gave us the option to add as many rooms as we wanted on a schedule. It just seems redundant to have to do up another schedule because the limit is 50 rooms per schedule.

        6 days ago

        • Bobbi AntonucciWe have set up a couple of zones that cover multiple rooms. One is the Entire school building - this allows us to schedule for Open house nights and Parent / Teacher nights when we are truly using the whole school. Also we have some buildings that ...4 days ago

        Dave Kornegay

        Dave Kornegayanswered the question Capital Forecast: Add Estimated Completion Date field to pivot report output

        To piggybank upon Chelsea's response, I took a look at comparisons of reports. The year that is displayed in the pre-built pivot reports is the last four digits of what calendar type you pick (FY vs. CY). The pivot was designed for reporting to non ...
        Chelsea Crump also answered the question Chelsea Crump also answered the question

        6 days ago

        Lisa Wylie

        Lisa Wylieasked the question: Capital Forecast: Add Estimated Completion Date field to pivot report output

        It is not possible to get a 5 year forecast based on the fiscal year, which is the purpose of the Capital Forecast application. When creating the Needs Summary Report, even though you select "next 5 fiscal years", if you select the pivot option, the ...

        6 days ago

        Janet Blanchette

        Janet Blanchettevoted on UtilityDirect - Inactive Bill Accounts

        It would be great if the Inactive Bill Accounts designated in UD were not shown on the Bill Entry filters, Bill Alerts, or the Missing Bill report.

        1 week ago

        Catherine Holley

        Catherine Holley created the event Opening Your School to Voters: Safety & Security Tips for Your Polling Locations

        With the general election less than 2 months away, schools are beginning to plan and prepare as they open their doors to the public for polling locations. Proper preparation for a large-scale public event in your facilities requires security set-up, ...

        1 week ago

          George Mayor

          George Mayorcreated the topic: PMD combined with Inventory Direct

          My idea is combining the function of PMD with Inventory. All PMD supplies would be inventory Pools so that they would be available when the PMD Work Order is scheduled for accomplishment. Has anyone had any experience with this. I plan on having one ...

          1 week ago

          • Dave KornegayGreat idea. When setting up a PM schedule, step 13 allows you to identify parts required to complete the PM WO. In your example, you would identify the Transaction Type as "Inventory" to link to your Inventory database. Then identify the item(s) y ...1 week ago