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Andrew Sanchez

Andrew Sanchezcreated the topic: saved search

How to delete saved searches? Thanks!

17 hours ago

  • Tony BrandHey Andrew!

    Thanks for reaching out to us with your question about saved searches in Incident. It sounds like you have quite a few saved searches and need some help to clean some of them out. Although the saved searches are available on th ...16 hours ago

  • Andrew SanchezGreat. Thanks!12 hours ago

Laurie Amagan

Laurie Amagancreated the topic: Any K12 districts publishing KPI/trend data on your websites?

Hello everyone! Wishing you all the best whether you've already started school or still have yet to. Wanted to ask if any of our K12 districts are publishing your KPI/trend data or anything else from your Dude Intelligence platform on your websites? ...

6 days ago

    Matthew Tucker

    Matthew Tuckercreated the topic: Mass assigning multiple work orders to a tech

    Is there a way to mass assign work orders to a tech? We receive anywhere from 50 to 100 work orders a day and it would be easier to mass assign them to my employees. Secondly, Is there a way to mass print these work orders so that one work order prin ...

    1 week ago

      Wesley Fryer

      Wesley Fryercreated the topic: SSO hanging (Single Sign On with Google)

      A few weeks ago we pulled the trigger on Single Sign On to SchoolDude via Google and overall it's been great. We've had several users (3 so far) who have reported problems with the SSO not working. In some cases it just forwards to a blank page and & ...

      1 week ago

      • Tony BrandHey Wesley!

        Thank you for reaching out. Utilizing ConnectAuthenticate is a great step towards an SSO-centric organization, I'm glad you've gone in that direction. As we work with more and more clients assisting with their SSO setup we ofte ...1 week ago

      • Wesley Fryer@Tony Brand Thanks!1 week ago

      Denise Gonzalez-Fernandez

      Denise Gonzalez-Fernandezcreated the topic: Filter Site Administrator Messages by Building or Room

      Hello. I would like to recommend that there be an option in FSDirect for automatically generated email messages to be filtered by Building or Room, rather than Location for Site Administrators. The way we are set up now, our Locations cover a large g ...

      1 week ago

        Dave Kornegay

        Dave Kornegaycreated the topic: Any Innovations and Recommendations for an HVAC Renovation?

        This was posted to a business officer forum and the Dude was asked to expand the search for additional feedback from you or your experts. Please provide a reply and I will pass this along to the association. Thank you! We are looking at 2 x 20 ton a ...

        2 weeks ago

        • Abe ChaseHeat pump technology has seen vast improvements in the last 5 years and continue to improve. Maybe more than one system would yield better results regarding comfort and efficiency? Good luck!1 week ago

        • Russ BellWhat are your temperature extremes? What area are you in? Climate dictates a lot of parameters. If this retrofit requires ducting replacement, it's good to consider space insulation, duct insulation, economizer operation, reheat coils, gas packages, ...1 week ago

        • Russell LairdI agree with Russ Bell. Have an engineer look at it. Depending on the usage you may be able to go with one properly sized unit and zone it with controls and dampers to achieve the same results you are looking for. If you are in the south, a heat pump ...5 days ago

        Kristi Hauswirth

        Kristi Hauswirthcreated the topic: Mark up on material

        We bill other departments when they want something done that doesn't fall into our scope of work. Until now we have never marked up material but we are thinking that we should...someone has to buy it and deliver it to the appropriate building, etc. W ...

        4 weeks ago

        • Matthew Venturini (0350P)We don't mark up material - but we will charge them for "OT" labor rates - to meet time sensitive requests -- otherwise the technicians will get to the work when their schedule permits... 3 weeks ago

        Dave Kornegay

        Dave Kornegayanswered the question How Do I Merge Duplicate Requester Accounts into a Single Account on MaintenanceDirect

        Great question, Joshua. There is a way in MaintenanceDirect to move work order submissions from one requester to another. Access your list of Users (either through the Account Setup tab or the Employees link on the Home page) Mouse over the blue ...

        1 month ago

        Joshua Schoonmaker

        Joshua Schoonmakerasked the question: How Do I Merge Duplicate Requester Accounts into a Single Account on MaintenanceDirect

        Some of our requesters have accidentally created multiple requester accounts, some of which contain outdated information. We would like to merge (or achieve a similar result) these accounts into one single account that contains all of the requests ma ...

        1 month ago

        Rick McWhorter

        Rick McWhortervoted on Next Week in TripDirect reports

        We can see value in being able to create a driver report to run weekly. we would need a parameter on drop down list that says "Next Week". We want to run this report for each driver one week prior to the week of their trips. This way they would ...

        1 month ago

        Rick McWhorter

        Rick McWhorter added the idea Print my Trip Custom Period

        I would like a tab added to the select your reporting period use custom period box to include next week to be able to click on. This would allow someone to do a saved trip print report for next week and email to person assigning trip drivers. Thanks.

        1 month ago

        • Dave KornegayRick, we have a similar request for a next week option for TripDirect I will move your idea to in order to consolidate them. Thank you for your request and I'll be sure to get this documented in our product management reports.1 month ago

        Dave Kornegay

        Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Tips on How to Start a Preventive Maintenance Program from Scratch

        Preparation and planning often prove to be the toughest parts of someone's proactive work journey. Can we handle the current list of reactive work, do we have enough resources, where do I begin, will there be a point where we feel we are on autopilot ...

        1 month ago

          Dave Kornegay

          Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Updated Product Support Content for Safety and Event Applications

          As our latest and future products are developed using an Agile approach , so is our product support content! For Crisis Manager (a.k.a., Safety Center) , you now have the ability to Create a Panic Screen to call, text, email an emergency contact o ...

          1 month ago

            Mark *Burrage
            Maintenance User Group

            Mark *Burragecreated the topic: Mobile App "freezing" iPhone

            We are having some users having issues with the mobile app, Freezing or all information goes to zero..... I am currently doing some trouble shooting to see if it is an issue with the cellular /wi-fi usage. I would like to know if any other users are ...

            1 month ago

            • Matthew Venturini (0350P)We have had some issues up here in PWC -- (Larger district, we have about 80 mobile app users out of our 150 technicians)- but they are related to WIFI and our InfoSecurity blocking some of the ports used by the mobile app. Have you tried turning off ...1 month ago

            • Mark *Burrage@Matthew Venturini (0350P)

              Matthew, I have instructed all users to disable wi-fi on the phone to see if that helps the issue, T ...1 month ago

            Matthew Venturini (0350P)

            Matthew Venturini (0350P)created the topic: Priming the PM Pump - HVAC Contractors

            We have new leadership over the HVAC Department, and they are looking for ways to hang up our fire fighting hats. Any advice or words of wisdom from anyone out there who have used contract help to start the PM cycle on equipment? We are exploring tha ...

            1 month ago

            • Bill CooperMatthew,

              One item to look for is to make sure that the vendor is actually doing the work on the equipment. I have heard and seen that not all vendors will service all pieces of equipment and they still will charge you for it.
              I would ...4 weeks ago

            Nicole Robertson

            Nicole Robertsonvoted on FS Direct and SSO E-mails don't bring you to the right sign in page

            When I get a: SchoolDude Message Center Message it brings me to a basic Sign In Page. Not the SSO sign in page. Not sure why, seems like the logical thing when you have SSO enabled.

            1 month ago

            Dave Kornegay

            Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Dude University 2018 Call for Speakers!

            Think you have a topic you know inspires ideas? A subject matter expert on matters that matter? Have insights, experiences or lessons you know others should learn from? If you are a guru eager for an audience to teach your kung fu to, we want you ! ...

            1 month ago

              Jan Shirk
              Facility Use User Group

              Jan Shirkcreated the topic: Blocking Rooms on Calendar

              Have any of you figured out a work-around to block classrooms only for specific periods or at least NOT on Sat/Sun? We use classrooms for other meetings/events often on weekend.

              1 month ago

                Stephanie Hostetler

                Stephanie Hostetler added the idea Additional Status labels

                It would be nice to have a Status called "waiting on invoice". Our Work Orders our moved to Completed by the Technicians once all work is done. The trades lead then looks them over and Closes them. This prompts an email to be sent to the requester. ...

                2 months ago

                  Carol Bosma

                  Carol Bosma added the idea vehicles assigned to a trip included on reports other than detailed

                  vehicles assigned to a trip should show on a trip list report. We use this a saved actions list to have persons sign out vehicles for their trip but the list doesn't include the vehicles assigned to trips. We have to include them in the trip descript ...

                  2 months ago

                  • Dave KornegayI agree, Carol. A Trip Detail Report can be overkill. I will place on a report to our program managers an idea to review if having a space that concatenates the vehicle IDs is an option.


                    Something i ...2 months ago