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Jan Blum

Jan Blum added the idea Areas/Locations displayed in FSDirect Calendar

When hovering over an event on any particular day, the time of the event is displayed. I'd like to also see the area/room in which the event is taking place.

2 days ago

  • Dave KornegayJan, I have opened this up for voting and feedback and I have documented your request for a more detailed mouseover on the default calendar view. Something that currently does give both "Area Type" and "Room" is the "Room View" calendar that is acce ...2 days ago

Krissi Elliott

Krissi Elliott added the idea iCal Display Options

Thank you for implementing the new iCal feature! We're excited about how this new tool can be used to feed many of our other calendars (website, etc.). Right now the setup has minimal configuration options and I'm hoping it can be expanded to further ...

3 days ago

    Patti Gates

    Patti Gatescreated the topic: Incident - how to assign work to substitute or floater personnel

    What would be the best way to get work orders to a substitute technician or a floater? I have a person I use as a floater that subs in when the site resource person is absent. I hate to have them on all bldg. lists, what is a better way?

    3 days ago

      Dave Kornegay

      Dave Kornegayanswered the question How ​do I add a logo for my work order webpage?

      The image will need to be a JPG, JPEG or GIF file that is 150 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall. Note that if your graphic is smaller than 150x50, it will stretch or compress to fit into those dimensions, so you want to be sure your graphic is no more t ...

      4 days ago

      Dave Kornegay

      Dave Kornegayasked the question: How ​do I add a logo in MaintenanceDirect for my work order webpage?

      I want to add or update the logo for our site to show in MaintenanceDirect. What file types can be used (e.g., PNG, GIF, JPG) and what size of graphic will work?

      4 days ago

      Dave Kornegay

      Dave Kornegayanswered the question Integration of SchoolDude events and trips with Active Directory or Outlook

      We are now using RSS and iCal feeds in FSDirect that is available to our EventEssentials Pro suite users to pull data into Outlook, GCal or other data projects. You may visit our enhancement announcement , or for technical details, visit our Help Gui ...
      Brent Hair also answered the question Brent Hair also answered the question

      4 days ago

      Douglas Miles

      Douglas Milesvoted on IT Direct Homepage Banner for Widespread Issues

      It would be great to be able to add some sort of banner or emergency message to the ITD homepage alerting users about widespread issues so that additional work requests are not entered. Thanks!

      4 days ago

      Catherine Holley

      Catherine Holley created the event Work Your Budget to Keep Your Campus Safe

      As schools start planning to meet their costs for 2018, it’s vital to allocate the funds necessary to provide for security needs, whether that includes training or capital expenditures, such as security cameras and access control. Join a school & ...

      4 days ago

        Catherine Holley

        Catherine Holley created the event IT Financial Planning: Moving from Tactical to Strategic

        As head of your IT Department, you have unique insight into what your team really needs. From the assets in the hands of students to the work that each employee has on their plate, you’re the backbone of what keeps your school’s technology up and run ...

        4 days ago

          Dave Kornegay

          Dave Kornegayanswered the question Maintenance Direct - Areas

          That is something we established for faster rollout and for consistency regarding KPIs. Do you have an Area Type in mind for us to add to the master list for you to enable or disable for your account?

          5 days ago

          Tammy Blankenship

          Tammy Blankenshipasked the question: Maintenance Direct - Areas

          How can I get an "Area" added to Maintenance Direct?

          5 days ago

          Sam Zippin

          Sam Zippincreated the blog entry IT Financial Planning

          It’s that time of year – planning for the 2018 fiscal year and budgeting for your needs, whether that be staff additions, new devices, or big projects. As head of your IT Department, you have unique insight into what your team really needs - you’re t ...

          5 days ago

            George Mayor
            Maintenance User Group

            George Mayorasked the question: PMDirect PM Templates

            I was trying to update task & procedures on my weekly emergency generator checks so I decided to make a new template. I used one of my EG PM schedules to make it and that was not a good idea. Now all of my PM Work Orders even the ones that were alrea ...

            5 days ago

            Dave Kornegay

            Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry More Visibility of Equipment in Work Order Forms and Pages for MaintenanceDirect

            To provide a more fluid experience regarding equipment and their related work, several pages are updated to include more information regarding assets. Where will this round of enhancements be seen? The pages enhanced are the: Home page for: ...

            1 week ago

            • Bobbi AntonucciDave, Will I be able to put multiple pieces of equipment on a single work order?1 week ago

            • Dave Kornegay@Bobbi Antonucci Not for equipment as we are planning with assignees. The reason would be trying to split time/costs appropriately for asset t ...1 week ago

            Jan Blum

            Jan Blum added the idea Importing Data from other Calendars

            I'd like to have the ability to import data, via Excel spreadsheet, into FSD from other calendars.

            1 week ago

            • Dave KornegayJan, I've opened this up so the ability for comments will work.

              We recently added iCal and RSS functionality for those FSD users who have it as part of the EventEssentials Pro package. 1 week ago

            Molly Bailey

            Molly Bailey added the idea Remove obsolete crafts from requestor's myschoolbuilding page as an option

            Telephone service is no longer under the jurisdiction of the maintenance department (yay!) but I am surprised that we can't remove it from the requestor's myschoolbuildng page as an option to choose. I understand that has to remain in the old work or ...

            1 week ago

              Lynn George

              Lynn Georgeasked the question: Capital Forecast question -

              So I am told that when I have to delete needs from Capital Forecast that I have to delete them one by one?? I have over 1000 needs to delete. Anyone find an easier way to delete needs??

              1 week ago

              Karen Harkin

              Karen Harkin added the idea Scheduling by Period Functionality in FSDirect

              We would like to have the option to reserve facilities by periods (we are a school).

              2 weeks ago

              • Dave KornegayKaren, I have temporarily opened this up to allow commentary and clarification. Are you asking for more flexibility on start/end time, or are you asking for a dropdown box to pick "Period 1" to autofill start/end time?

                We have an existing ...2 weeks ago

              • Karen Harkin@Dave Kornegay


                We would like to have a dropdown box to pick a period or periods that reserve the appropriate times. ...2 days ago

              Rachel Sari

              Rachel Sari added the idea Simplified Productivity Reporting

              It would be very helpful if we could run productivity reports (and possibly others) by groups of employees rather than by individual employees. The only way employees are grouped together is by "Reports To" but that is not a criterion we can choose i ...

              2 weeks ago

              • Dave KornegayEmployee Reports allow you to pick which Assigned To personnel and then run any of the reports (e.g., Productivity Report). You can name and save the report as a Saved Action so you do not have to pick those employees again.

                The other rep ...2 weeks ago

              Simonne Lundvall

              Simonne Lundvall added the idea icon visibility by user class and facility

              We would like to track specific types of work, but do not necessarily want to clutter the dashboard for front end users. It would be nice to designate which icons would be visible to certain user groups.

              2 weeks ago