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Bobbi Antonucci

Bobbi Antonuccicreated the topic: Anyone using PM work orders to check batteries on AEDs?

Right now the work orders in SchoolDude are all the responsibility of Maintenance or Transportation. I had a discussion today with Athletics asking if we can create work orders to Athletic Directors to check the batteries on AEDs periodically. Pm wor ...

2 days ago

  • Tony FellWe have our graduate assistants in Facilities Management doing building checks and this is assigned to them through PM Direct.. They do notice the battery levels and status of the AED which makes it easier to get the batteries replaced before they ...2 days ago

Penny Stotts

Penny Stotts added the idea FSD Finalized Schedule Room Visibility

As it currently stands, if an organization requests more than three (3) rooms, we are limited to viewing the top 3. Is there any way we can put one of those "stretchable" boxes on this field? There may be other reasons, but it would be helpful for th ...

3 days ago

  • Dave KornegayThank you, Penny. There is a similar idea on room selections, so I will check if we should merge this in addition to opening up this idea for voting and feedback or if we are good to have each idea separate as there is a subtle difference identified ...3 days ago

Emilee Thompson

Emilee Thompson added the idea Enable "Rich Text Format" in the Event Setup Field of FSD Schedules

Please enable "Rich Text Format" in the event setup dialogue box of each FSD Schedule. It would great to be able to incorporate numbered lists, checkboxes, bold, lines, , etc. into this field for quick reference on the fly as opposed to opening an &h ...

3 days ago

  • Dave KornegayThank you, Emilee. I have also noted this on your account for our reports in addition to opening up this idea for voting and feedback.3 days ago

Michael Bussey

Michael Busseycreated the topic: ConnectAuthenticate SSO

I imagine there are a few users on here who have implemented ConnectAuthenticate in their organizations. Can anyone provide some general guidance on the implementation? My team is meeting with SchoolDude this week to discuss implementation, and I wan ...

1 week ago

  • Tony BrandHey Michael! Thanks for posting in the Community Discussions board with your question. Although I can't offer you specific details, as each ConnectAuthenticate implementation will be unique to the organization and their network environment, I can off ...1 week ago

  • Michael Bussey@Tony Brand thank you so much! That is definitely helpful information!1 week ago

Darrell Petorak
Maintenance User Group

Darrell Petorakcreated the topic: Portables

We have over 240 portables in our district. Just found out that I can't move the portable to a new location in SD. I can create a new building at the location the portable is moved to but I need to be able to bring the history of the portable forward ...

2 weeks ago

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  • Karen KrammThis happened in our District as well. We have made a location called "Portable City" and the portable buildings are listed under this location so they can be moved around in this location. Example: Location is Portable City, building is CLEM-P-2. ...2 weeks ago

  • Kenyon ClarkeWe have over 100 portables and keep inventory and repair history using a tag number assigned to each building.
    - "Location" will be the name of the school where the portable is that day.
    - "Area" - select Portables
    - "Area/Room#" The ...1 day ago

  • Kenyon Clarke"Portables" will need to be turned on (thumbs up) in the "Area" list1 day ago

Gregory Wood

Gregory Woodvoted on Connector to MS Teams

In Microsoft Teams, you have the ability to connect outside resources that get automatically added to the chat channel. For example, maybe if a certain twitter account tweets, it will make a post to your team. I would love to have a connector with …

3 weeks ago

Cheryl Cross

Cheryl Crossvoted on Update all existing schedules when service providers change

We are a rather large district having over 48 sites.  With that comes a lot of movement with personnel.  When I have our Plant Supervisor out for an extended period or have promotions happen, we need to be able to give the next person in charge or th ...

3 weeks ago

Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Using PowerPoint to Create Graphics

Many people assume PowerPoint is only used forpresentations, however, it may be used as a substitute for developing graphics foruse on websites or in other types of documents. Yes, I develop presentations, but the bulk of work I perform in PowerPoint ...

3 weeks ago

    Debby Gossett

    Debby Gossett added the idea Update all existing schedules when service providers change

    We are a rather large district having over 48 sites.  With that comes a lot of movement with personnel.  When I have our Plant Supervisor out for an extended period or have promotions happen, we need to be able to give the next person in charge or th ...

    3 weeks ago

    • Cheryl CrossThank you Niki! CUSD would love to be able to attach the schedule to the new Plant Manager with a patch. Some plant managers may have 200 event schedules per month. We do not have the man power to go in and edit each schedule for the sites. Also ...3 weeks ago

    Shawn Sheehan
    Maintenance User Group

    Shawn Sheehancreated the topic: Request / approval flow cahrt for work order

    Good afternoon. Shawn Sheehan here from MSAD#6 Buxton Maine. Has anyone developed a flow chart that represents the typical path from identification of a request through completion. Thank you Shawn

    3 weeks ago

      Debby Gossett

      Debby Gossettvoted on View WOID on a FSD schedule

      When a work order is created from a FSDirect task it doesn't tell you the MaintenanceDirect work order ID # unless their are costs associated to the work order. Could it be setup to see the work order ID regardless if there is a cost?

      4 weeks ago

      Andrew Sanchez

      Andrew Sanchezcreated the topic: saved search

      How to delete saved searches? Thanks!

      1 month ago

      • Tony BrandHey Andrew!

        Thanks for reaching out to us with your question about saved searches in Incident. It sounds like you have quite a few saved searches and need some help to clean some of them out. Although the saved searches are available on th ...1 month ago

      • Andrew SanchezGreat. Thanks!1 month ago

      Laurie Amagan

      Laurie Amagancreated the topic: Any K12 districts publishing KPI/trend data on your websites?

      Hello everyone! Wishing you all the best whether you've already started school or still have yet to. Wanted to ask if any of our K12 districts are publishing your KPI/trend data or anything else from your Dude Intelligence platform on your websites? ...

      1 month ago

      • Bobbi AntonucciHere at HCS we have started producing an annual report similar to the one that Albuquerque Public Schools produces and presented at Dude U. Last year it was presented to the Superintendent and Executive Cabinet. The FCI produced from Capital Forec ...3 weeks ago

      Matthew Tucker

      Matthew Tuckercreated the topic: Mass assigning multiple work orders to a tech

      Is there a way to mass assign work orders to a tech? We receive anywhere from 50 to 100 work orders a day and it would be easier to mass assign them to my employees. Secondly, Is there a way to mass print these work orders so that one work order prin ...

      1 month ago

        Wesley Fryer

        Wesley Fryercreated the topic: SSO hanging (Single Sign On with Google)

        A few weeks ago we pulled the trigger on Single Sign On to SchoolDude via Google and overall it's been great. We've had several users (3 so far) who have reported problems with the SSO not working. In some cases it just forwards to a blank page and & ...

        1 month ago

        • Tony BrandHey Wesley!

          Thank you for reaching out. Utilizing ConnectAuthenticate is a great step towards an SSO-centric organization, I'm glad you've gone in that direction. As we work with more and more clients assisting with their SSO setup we ofte ...1 month ago

        • Wesley Fryer@Tony Brand Thanks!1 month ago

        Denise Gonzalez-Fernandez

        Denise Gonzalez-Fernandezcreated the topic: Filter Site Administrator Messages by Building or Room

        Hello. I would like to recommend that there be an option in FSDirect for automatically generated email messages to be filtered by Building or Room, rather than Location for Site Administrators. The way we are set up now, our Locations cover a large g ...

        1 month ago

          Dave Kornegay

          Dave Kornegaycreated the topic: Any Innovations and Recommendations for an HVAC Renovation?

          This was posted to a business officer forum and the Dude was asked to expand the search for additional feedback from you or your experts. Please provide a reply and I will pass this along to the association. Thank you! We are looking at 2 x 20 ton a ...

          1 month ago

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          • Russell LairdI agree with Russ Bell. Have an engineer look at it. Depending on the usage you may be able to go with one properly sized unit and zone it with controls and dampers to achieve the same results you are looking for. If you are in the south, a heat pump ...1 month ago

          • James GochenourSounds to me like you need to address the corrosion issue first before purchasing new equipment. Applying coil cleaner during PM is more than likely the cause of the corrosion and poor performance. Use cleaner as directed by manufacture and rinse pro ...4 weeks ago

          • Tony Paulmaintenance does use a green non corrosive,and have to do a annual cleaning,if needed and water is used if unit,coils are not packed with dirt I think age,materials,and location of unit comes into play,1 week ago

          Kristi Hauswirth

          Kristi Hauswirthcreated the topic: Mark up on material

          We bill other departments when they want something done that doesn't fall into our scope of work. Until now we have never marked up material but we are thinking that we should...someone has to buy it and deliver it to the appropriate building, etc. W ...

          1 month ago

          • Matthew Venturini (0350P)We don't mark up material - but we will charge them for "OT" labor rates - to meet time sensitive requests -- otherwise the technicians will get to the work when their schedule permits... 1 month ago

          Dave Kornegay

          Dave Kornegayanswered the question How Do I Merge Duplicate Requester Accounts into a Single Account on MaintenanceDirect

          Great question, Joshua. There is a way in MaintenanceDirect to move work order submissions from one requester to another. Access your list of Users (either through the Account Setup tab or the Employees link on the Home page) Mouse over the blue ...

          2 months ago

          Joshua Schoonmaker

          Joshua Schoonmakerasked the question: How Do I Merge Duplicate Requester Accounts into a Single Account on MaintenanceDirect

          Some of our requesters have accidentally created multiple requester accounts, some of which contain outdated information. We would like to merge (or achieve a similar result) these accounts into one single account that contains all of the requests ma ...

          2 months ago