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Dave Kornegay

Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry 3 Pieces of Data Facilities Managers Want

Keeping a finger on the pulse of what is happening in and around locations, equipment, contractors and employees can seem a daunting task. In addition to managing property, people and projects, emphasis has grown for reporting and insight into what i ...

14 hours ago

    Dave Kornegay

    Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry The Facilities Manager of the Future

    The Facilities Manager always seems to be that person in the organization who knows everything and everyone. His or her typical day is spent bouncing around between a variety of meetings, while juggling scenarios ranging from the simple burnt lightb ...

    14 hours ago

      Dave Kornegay

      Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry What is Business Intelligence and Why KPIs are Important for Operations and Asset Management

      What is Business Intelligence? The term "business intelligence", or "BI", has grown in popularity in recent years. The popularity of the term has revolved around technology solutions (e.g., SAS, Qlik, Tableau, Domo) and more companies have joined in ...

      15 hours ago

        Tammy Blankenship

        Tammy Blankenshipasked the question: PM Task List

        Tasks are not printing out on the task list. Has something changed?

        22 hours ago

        George Mayor
        Maintenance User Group

        George Mayorasked the question: operating logs

        I have several logs that require daily weekly monthly and annual readings such as boiler checks emergency generator checks elevator checks Is there a way to put this into a PM work order so that it can be down loaded to monitor trends or make graphs

        2 days ago

        Michele Flynn

        Michele Flynncreated the topic: FS Direct Event Conflicts

        In our district, we are having an issue with double bookings in FS Direct. It seems that people can double book rooms, areas, etc. even though they get a warning that a conflict exists or to check double bookings. More often than not, the employees & ...

        3 days ago

          Wayne Cornish

          Wayne Cornishvoted on Cancel or edit a request not yet approved

          Currently, only an internal Requester can cancel or edit a submitted request that hasn't been approved; but a Community User can not. It would be helpful if a Community User could cancel or edit a submitted request that hasn't been approved as well a ...

          3 days ago

          Amy Magdich
          Maintenance User Group

          Amy Magdichcreated the topic: Going mobile- Time Entry Question

          Our crews are getting ready to go mobile. I am looking to collaborate with someone who is familiar with the time entry on the mobile app. Or does anyone know of any training materials I can provide for them? Our biggest question so far is, how do wor ...

          5 days ago

          • Matthew Venturini (0350P)Our guys have handy cheat sheets (saved in their note programs on their tablets) -- we have several shop work orders that cover shop time, leave, training, etc. They just punch in those #'s in the search field, and the WO will show up in their app, a ...2 days ago

          Dave Kornegay

          Dave Kornegayanswered the question Routing Maintenance Requests

          In addition to routing rule updates, there are a couple of monitoring tricks. For Admins, there is a link for "Employees" on the right side of the Home tab. You can filter in various ways, to easily access a list of recent work, and I would use a ti ...

          5 days ago

          Jeff Lovell

          Jeff Lovellasked the question: Routing Maintenance Requests

          How are schools routing maintenance requests directly to technicians and changing those routings when someone is out on vacation or taking a sick day? We know the process of setting up the routing rules, just wondering the strategies being used to se ...

          6 days ago

          Amanda Jenkins

          Amanda Jenkinsasked the question: Best Practice on Submitting Work Requests

          I am curious to hear how other colleges get work orders submitted from students?

          1 week ago

          Liz Tomaszewski

          Liz Tomaszewskicreated the topic: survey requesters

          We are preparing to begin surveying our requesters on work orders completed. Would anyone care to share their surveys with us? What frequency are you using? Do you have any suggestions for success?

          1 week ago

          Bobbi Antonucci

          Bobbi Antonuccianswered the question Guidelines for setting Priority in MaintenanceDirect

          We are a large public K-12 school system that covers a large geographical area. This is how we use the priorities. All are entered with a priority of Medium. We don't allow sequesters to enter their own priority on the work order, but they can put i ...
          Dave Kornegay also answered the question Dave Kornegay also answered the question

          1 week ago

          Sam Zippin

          Sam Zippincreated the blog entry PM is extra credit - how to bring school infrastructure from a failing grade to a passing grade

          This past Thursday, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Infrastructure Report Card awarded schools with a D+ , an almost failing grade. The report on education stated that about a quarter of the nation’s schools are in “fair or poor” &hel ...

          1 week ago

            David Marcus

            David Marcuscreated the topic: Dude University East 2017 - Private School RECOMMENDATION!

            I've attended Dude West and am excited about this year going East. From my western "Dude U" experience I'd like to "shout out" and encourage all my friends and colleagues from private schools to participate in this highly valuable conference. I don't ...

            1 week ago

              Kathi Mills

              Kathi Millsasked the question: Guidelines for setting Priority in MaintenanceDirect

              I'm curious whether anyone has (and is willing to share) the guidelines they use to train users to REALISTICALLY identify the Priority of a Work Order.

              1 week ago

              Elizabeth Withers

              Elizabeth Withers added the idea Attaching Photos/Documents in MySchoolBuilding

              Almost all of our schools are now using the MySchoolBuilding program to enter work orders. In MD, you can attach photos/documents to the work order. It would help if the schools could also attach photos/documents to their work orders in MySchoolBuil ...

              2 weeks ago

              • Elizabeth AllenI have good news! You can turn on the Attachment feature for the MySchoolBuilding page in just a few clicks. Here are the steps to turn this on:

                1. Log into MaintenanceDirect
                2. Click the Account Setup tab
                3. Click MySchoolBuildi ...2 weeks ago

              Mike Adams

              Mike Adams added the idea Purchasing of IT Inventory in Insight

              Need to have a Purchasing (Purchase Order) module inside Insight, so you can create a PO for adding new items to inventory. Assign them a asset tag. Plus have a PO receive option, that will add the item into Insight, track the asset you are assigning ...

              2 weeks ago

              • Dave KornegayThank you Mike. I've opened this up for additional voting and feedback abilities.

                We have traditionally tread lightly concerning procurement and accounting as those often have a larger focus and part of an ERP system.
                That said, it so ...2 weeks ago

              Doris Dionne

              Doris Dionne added the idea Contact Info Tab: Add New User

              Good morning. For schools not utilizing My School Building, the ability to add a new user at the time a new work order is created (right from the Contact Info tab) would be an incredible time saver. Thank you for considering this idea - Doris

              2 weeks ago

                Doris Dionne

                Doris Dionnevoted on SchoolDude Message Center Improvements

                The message center notifications do not provide enough information about the work order request. The notifications include the following fields: Work Order Number, Location (Campus), and Request Description. It would be extremely helpful to include ...

                2 weeks ago