What is a Campus Champion?

A Campus Champion is an operations professional who has demonstrated excellence and leadership through their use of SchoolDude tools and implementation of processes the drive excellence at their organization.

The Campus Champion program is an annual award that recognizes excellence by individuals and institutions. We announce Campus Champion qualifiers in 3 unique categories:

1. Maintenance and Operations

2. Facility Use Management

3. IT Incident Management

While we know all SchoolDude clients are driven to make a difference at their institution, we also believe it's important to recognize those who have achieved a level of success. When an educational institution is achieving superior performance, one individual typically champions that success. We call them the SchoolDude Campus Champions and they are the best-of-the-best. This is the person who has been the driving force behind the implementation, growth, and success of their program.

Qualification for the Campus Champion program is based on Dude Data for the previous calendar year and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each category. Each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) receives a score based on how your institution compares to the median and top performer peer organizations (defined by education segment and enrollment size). Each KPI score is tallied for an overall Campus Champion score. Institutions that score in the 90th percentile are eligible to be a Campus Champion.

What are the benefits of being a Campus Champion?

There is no cost associated with becoming a Campus Champion. All we ask is to showcase your success as an example that will inspire others to drive continuous improvement at their institutions.
Opting into this elite group entitles you to:

  • Recognition on our Community website as a Campus Champion and leader in the operations field
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Opportunities to network with SchoolDude executives
  • Recognition in a national press release, with additional promotional materials for local media, upon request.