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How Do I Merge Duplicate Requester Accounts into a Single Account on MaintenanceDirect

Some of our requesters have accidentally created multiple requester accounts, some of which contain outdated information. We would like to merge (or achieve a similar result) these accounts into one single account that contains all of the requests made …

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Guidelines for setting Priority in MaintenanceDirect

I'm curious whether anyone has (and is willing to share) the guidelines they use to train users to REALISTICALLY identify the Priority of a Work Order.

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Did something change with pool selection when issuing items?

Our two people who are in charge of issuing stockroom items noticed that something changed a couple of weeks ago. In the past when they were approving and issuing requests there was a default "Pool" that appeared automatically, which really sped up the …

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How Do I Update my Fiscal Year?

In Maintenance, click: ACCOUNT SETUP tab SHORTCUTS link START NEW FISCAL YEAR Enter a New Fiscal Period and uncheck any Budget Codes listed that do not close at the end of the Fiscal Year START NEW FISCAL YEAR NOW button In Inventory, click: …

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