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5 Reasons Paper Processes Hold Small Schools Back

The eBook, 5 Reasons Paper Processes Hold Small Schools Back: A Practical Guide to Automating Operations Management, explores what efficiency gains, dollar savings, and reporting is possible to address a small school’s unique challenges when shifting away from paper. Download the eBook today to hear from several of your peers.

Author: Sam Zippin
Announcing the SchoolDude University East Keynote Speaker

SchoolDude University is where operations professionals from across the nation come tonetwork, learn, and grow their careers. It's also a place to come forinspiration and motivation – an opportunity to get a fresh start at gettingthings done and serve …

Author: SchoolDude
Take CoSN

As technology leaders in our nation’s schools, data on technology challenges and industry trends are critical to improving technology in the school and classroom. CoSN wants to help provide this data based on your daily challenges and needs. Take the annual IT Leadership Survey to provide your feedback.

Author: Sam Zippin
Watch: SchoolDude University Sneak Preview

We're just two months away from SchoolDude University – are you ready? Professional development classes and peer networking opportunities are just two of the highlights to look forward to this year. Maybe you're curious about what you'll learn, …

Author: SchoolDude
Small School Unique Challenges and Trends - Webinar 2/2/16

Small schools aren’t small at all when comes to the impact they have on their community, students and faculty. With over 2,000 educational institutions under 5,000 students using SchoolDude, we understand small schools face unique challenges. To help address those challenges, two of your peers will share their stories about how they automated their facilities and operations processes. Register today for the free webinar, Small School Unique Challenges and Trends, on Tuesday, February 2nd at 2pm ET.

Author: Sam Zippin
Looking Ahead to 2016
  • 1/11/2016

In our Looking Ahead webinar last month , we took a brief look at highlights from 2015 and dove into what to expect for 2016, both in the industry and specifically with SchoolDude. Here are some of the highlights. Cloud computing is ubiquitous Ok, …

Author: Jed DeGroote
SchoolDude University Class Sessions Preview

SchoolDude University East is coming up on March 19-23... and we couldn't be more excited to share a little taste of the sessions and classes to look forward to this year. If you're already planning to join us in Myrtle Beach or still investigating why …

Author: SchoolDude
Is solar power still viable in winter?

With all the talk of sustainability and green energy percolating throughout the industry, you likely have several ideas for improving your school's facilities performance and efficiency. One major way to overhaul your power usage is to switch to solar …

Author: SchoolDude
Cool Dude, SchoolDude - Theme Song
  • 12/7/2015

We're excited to share the first ever client produced theme song, by Gary Musial with Lower Merion SD, PA. Please enjoy Gary's original acoustic rendition of: Cool Dude - SchoolDud e : Gary Musial is a longtime SchoolDude client and advocate. He …

Author: SchoolDude
The Cost of Community Use - Dude Data Matters

The community use process is complex. Coordinating everything that has to happen for a permit can be labor intensive. Think about all of the moving parts for a single event: cross checking multiple calendars for available space, notifying custodians and …

Author: Jed DeGroote
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