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Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 5: Establish Presence at the Event

Think of community use of your facilities as an event planner would handle banquets or weddings. Provide great customer service, make sure facilities are spotless, set proper expectations for users. And show up to make sure nothing happens that could potentially harm not only your facilities but also participants. 

Author: SchoolDude
Safe and Secure Schools: Disaster Preparedness Tips & Trends

For our Q2 Professional Development webinar next Wednesday, April 29th at 2pm, we're excited to have nationally acclaimed expert in school security, Paul Timm, present: Safe and Secure Schools: Disaster Preparedness Tips and Trends. Register today for …

Author: Jed DeGroote
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 4: Develop Fee Structure and Improve Invoice Management

Did you know the average district with a cost recovery program in place recovers about $14 per student in annual income? Top performing clients can recover over $50 per student annually!

In part 4 of our 5-part blog series we’ll take a look at how some of our top facility usage clients developed their fee structure and how to set a proper invoicing process in place.

Author: SchoolDude
Christian School Products: Emergency-Based Mobile Apps Key During K-12 Crisis Scenarios

Communicating safety plans is a top priority for us, as well as our client Palmer Trinity School, an Episcopal day school in Southern Florida. SchoolDude’s Nick Mirisis had the opportunity to share with Christian School Products how the school has used …

Author: SchoolDude

Today’s Trends in IT Asset Management, the webinar on March 25, discussed ongoing trends and tips to improve IT audits from a peer institution. In this 3-part blog series, we have recapped the webinar to bring you the highlights. Last week, we highlighted Middletown Public School’s Technology Director Michael Skott’s story from the webinar. How can you achieve the same success as Middletown’s IT Department? Read on for 5 tips to implement a successful asset management program!

Author: Sam Zippin
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 3: Build Support and Identify Cost Recovery Areas

Did you miss our first two blogs in our 5-part blog series? If so, catch up here: Part 1 and Part 2. When we first begun our cost recovery research, we quickly realized that once a district begin a cost recovery program, cost recovery improve year after year so don’t give up if you’re not seeing immediate results.

Let’s dive into steps 5 and 6 in our cost recovery implementation series!

Author: SchoolDude

In our March 25th webinar, Michael Skott, the Technology Director at Middletown Public Schools, discussed his departmental challenges and how he solved them. You can view the full webinar recording featuring Michael Skott here. Why did Middletown need an IT asset management solution? What have the biggest benefits since they implemented an IT asset management tool? Read on for part II in our recap series of the webinar, Today's Trends in IT Asset Management

Author: Sam Zippin
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 2: Start Small and Recognize Leadership

In the first of our 5-part series blog we talked about how to automate the process and the importance of finding a balance between which aspects of the process are centralized and which are distributed. In this blog we’ll dive into how to get started and why buy-in is key to a successful cost recovery program.

Author: SchoolDude
Resource of the Week - New InventoryDirect Guides

This week we have several new InventoryDirect resources to highlight! If you're a new InventoryDirect client or have had the application for some time, we think there is something for everyone in these new guides!

Author: Karen Holt
Implementing a Cost Recovery Program, Part 1: Automate the Process

Many of our clients struggle with implementing a cost recovery program. So to help clients get started with their cost recovery program, we interviewed several top users of our event management/facility usage solutions and after hearing their stories, 10 distinct key steps emerged. In this upcoming 5-part blog series, we will discuss these key steps. 

Author: SchoolDude
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