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St. Lucie County School District Saves 19-Percent of Utility Expenditures with Help of SchoolDude Bookmark

Operations professionals and faculty at St. Lucie County School District in Florida are helping their district overcome the nation’s challenging economic times by saving money through improved energy management. Despite a nearly 20-percent increase in utility rates, due in large part to the significant rise in fuel costs, St. Lucie County Schools has avoided spending nearly two million dollars – 19-percent of its utility budget – over the last nine months.

SchoolDude Client Named Winner of National Energy Leadership Award Bookmark

SchoolDude client Rob Jindracek, who manages the energy conservation and utility management department at Broward County Public Schools in Florida, has been selected a winner of the 2007 Energy Leadership Awards. One of only two recipients in the Public Service Award category, Jindracek accepted the award on behalf of the more than 260,000-student district at the 18th Annual United States Energy Association’s Energy Efficiency Forum held in Washington, D.C.