Get started with UtilityEssentials

Get started on your path to success with SchoolDude

This implementation guide is here to assist in setting expectations on what your next steps in your implementation should be as well as your next action step. Each step gives you a general time frame of both the When and the Who in the implementation process. Please use this as a reference as you begin your journey with UtilityEssentials.

1. Define your Champion

Task: Your designated champion will work with SchoolDude to develop an implementation plan tailored to your specific goals, ensuring your success.

Action Step: Contact SchoolDude at 877-868-3833 to schedule your personalized implementation plan and first training session.

2. Schedule a training session

Task: We want to get you trained as quickly as possible, so you can begin utilizing the benefits of UtilityEssentials. Within 24 hours of your purchase, SchoolDude will call to schedule a comprehensive startup session with your UtilityEssentials champion and other key stakeholders. If your training is not scheduled, please contact SchoolDude to schedule your startup session.

Action Step: Begin gathering your utility bill data and building square footage to make your training more productive. Please review the pre-training workbook prior to your session.

3. Implementation & planning session

Task: This instructive webinar with a Software Analyst will walk you through setup and work flow. You will talk about goals and develop an implementation plan tailored to your unique needs. Your team should budget between 1 to 2 hours for the training.

Action Step: Join the UtilityEssentials users group in the client community to take advantage of peer advice from others that have started right where you are.

4. Account setup and data entry

Task: Begin setting up your account by gathering all information needed to start entering utility bill data such as a location, buildings, providers, bill accounts, users, etc.

Action Step: Once account and billing information is setup, start entering bills for the current Fiscal Year.

5. Reporting and advanced training

Task: A reports training session will help you understand how the reporting works in UtilityEssentials and which reports will help you most. Oftentimes this is a Q&A session.

Action Step: Set up ‘saved action’ reports to have key reports automatically emailed to you directly.

6. Manage your energy program

Task: Begin analyzing your results on a recurring basis to spot usage and cost trends, look for errors, and missing bills. Compare like- sized buildings to one another using cost per square foot and usage reports.

Action Step: SchoolDude recommends putting in at least 2 previous fiscal years worth of billing data to establish a baseline for measuring your current bills against past bills. This measurement will show if you are headed in the right direction or if you need to dig deeper into your energy usage. This evaluation process should be ongoing.

7. Continuous improvement

Task:Now that your account is up and running, let UtilityEssentials work for you. Leverage ‘view only’ roles to increase visibility. Automatically send recurring usage reports to stakeholders.

Action Step: Log-in to the client community to talk to peers about incentive programs to influence energy efficient behavior. Market your success to the public and continue to look for ways to improve.