Remote Management of Mobile Devices

Our MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution gives administrators the power to simply and remotely manage device policy, supervise device usage, and control application distribution across the network.

  • Enables IT teams to better monitor and manage a diverse array of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices
  • Supports policies for BYOD and organization-owned IT assets
  • Simplifies compliance with CIPA and other student protection policies
  • Remotely (and unobtrusively) allows teams to configure device and application policies

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Intro to Insight: Automated inventory and warranty monitoring

Get the Most Value

Combine mobile device management with:

  • Help Desk Management - streamline your entire help desk process, from support request to resolution, through automated workflows, asset tracking and detailed reporting.
  • Insight - automate asset discovery, monitoring and auditing of hardware assets and software licenses. (Watch how Insight helps manage hardware and device warranties in the video to the right)
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