Introducing CapitalForecastDirect

In the life of a school, no project and no budget year are the same.

CapitalForecastDirect is a facilities forecasting tool for schools with the power to predict future projects and prioritize current ones—because there’s a lot more at stake than a building or a budget.

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You know better than anyone: Our school buildings and their equipment won’t last forever.

Every part will need repair, whether it’s today or in 20 years, and whether or not you have the budget.

You spend your day fixing facilities problems, and you need to forecast large ones that will inevitably come.

CapitalForecastDirect gives you the visibility and the credibility to act with confidence.


Gain a full view of your school at any time

Make a clearer case for more resources

Streamline requests and track repairs that need to wait

Have peace of mind that you are maintaining a safe learning environment

THREE PATHS TO A 30-year forecast

  1. Answer three simple questions

    In just three questions, you can start building your life cycle:
    • Age of your building?
    • Square footage?
    • Building type?
    From there you can easily customize the model based on your school and your equipment.
  2. Input your existing assessment

    If you already have an assessment, CapitalForecastDirect makes it easy to upload your data to bring your plan to life.
  3. Input the equipment you track

    You may already track life cycles of your equipment. Easily upload this data so you can build a complete picture of your school and a plan going forward.

Predict future projects. Act with confidence.

Create clarity fast

  • Simple setup, no special technical skills required
  • Gather facility forecast data in just 10 minutes
  • Import previous assessments to centralize your data
  • Group work by systems, locations, and building components
  • Prioritize and rank projects across your school
  • Share information across your team at any time

Protect your budget

  • Forecast life cycle and cost for long-range facility repairs
  • Maintain a list of future projects with estimated costs
  • Catalog deferred maintenance expenses
  • Revise capital needs as updates occur

Visualize what’s ahead

  • Generate reports with detailed graphs and summaries
  • Illustrate year-by-year trends
  • Show potential impacts by building and related systems
  • Document and update work closures with actual costs
  • Track warranty information for building components

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Organizing your current and future budgeting plans can be overwhelming. Let us help you simplify that process for you with our EAM software and capital asset management tools to save you time and money.