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Ron Houtman

Ron Houtmanvoted on "Back to Top" link in FSDirect

Sometimes, I just need to look through a schedule, but then I need to scroll back up to the top (without necessarily saving the schedule) to input another schedule ID. Can we add a "back to top" link, or something like I see on this page that pops up ...

1 day ago

Matthew Venturini (0350P)

Matthew Venturini (0350P)created the topic: Lead Testing & Public Outreach

Howdy School Dude Universe - We have a new state law in VA that mandates more rigorous testing for lead anywhere within the school building where you could get drinkable water. Part of the law that gets fuzzy is the public outreach - where it says we ...

3 days ago

    Catherine Holley

    Catherine Holley created the event A Process to Scale Your Technology Department for the Future

    ABOUT THE EVENT As IT Departments plan and budget for the next year, a proper framework to accurately assess and prioritize their workloads, assets, and projects is critical. Attend this webinar to learn strategies for IT departments to improve the ...

    4 days ago

      Catherine Holley

      Catherine Holley created the event Building Operating Management: 7 Steps to a Risk Free Capital Project

      As summer projects for schools, colleges, hospitals, and other organizations get underway, facilities departments face the challenge of strategizing and executing a long list of details. Because construction projects of any size can carry a significa ...

      4 days ago

        Steven Yavarow
        Facility Use User Group

        Steven Yavarowcreated the topic: "Except" Certain Dates in a recurring Schedule

        When entering a recurring schedule, is there a way to "except" certain dates? For example, if there is a regularly scheduled event throughout the year except for school vacations, it would be more efficient to be able to "except" those dates in the & ...

        4 days ago

          Fred Zahn
          Maintenance User Group

          Fred Zahncreated the topic: spf record

          our spf record for schooldude is an include and if i use mxtoolbox this include causes 15 dns searches and causes an spf record check to report too many dns lookups. does schooldude have an ipv4 entry instead of using an include... ?? has anyone h ...

          4 days ago

          • Dave KornegaySPF designates what additional domains or IP addresses can send mail without being identified as spam. Because you would typically send emails as your email domain vs. a "Dude domain", you should not need to enter our domains into your SPF record. If ...3 days ago

          Dave Kornegay

          Dave Kornegayanswered the question Toggling between User groups

          Thanks Jill. That's a question I will pass along as I have heard some mentionings of whether that is possible. It often depends on whether or not you use single sign-on in which your IT department controls the user list in Active Directory, LDAP or o ...

          5 days ago

          Jill Ponzi

          Jill Ponziasked the question: Toggling between User groups

          Does anyone else think it would be helpful for an administrator to be able to toggle between user groups other than making up fake people and logging in as them? I've set this up and after a while they don't work. Thanks

          5 days ago

          Michael Hyduke

          Michael Hydukecreated the topic: Mobile workforce devices.

          Several of our Techs use supplied 1phones, older 4 and 5 versions. Our workforce is 80% 50 years of age plus. The devices are too small. We were looking to move to an inexpensive but dependable device like the Amazon Fire tablet. We want to make usin ...

          2 weeks ago

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          • Bill CooperMike,

            We use chrome books and our maintenance staff likes them. it took the staff a couple of days to become comfortable with them but now they are taking them everywhere and we have had no issues. We looked at tablets but they were not ...1 week ago

          • Michael Hyduke@Bill Cooper Thank you Bill. 5 days ago

          • Michael Hyduke@Bobbi Antonucci Thank you Bobbi.5 days ago

          Cydney Wright

          Cydney Wrightcreated the topic: User roles, Invoicing and Audits

          We have a concern that has come up here at Katy ISD with our Business office as it relates to a potential audits. They are concerned that the individual (based on their FS Direct Role) who accepts payments for facility usage can also have access to & ...

          2 weeks ago

          • Paul FletcherThis is great question Cydney. While we don't have a custom role in FSDirect to separate managing schedules and invoices, may be other clients have had this come up and can explain how they have dealt with having their users focus on managing one or ...2 weeks ago

          • Bobbi AntonucciI agree, Cydney. I would like my Site Admin I to be able to generate an invoice and leave the activation of schedules to Site Admin II. Our bookkeepers enter most of the schedules and do the invoicing. But our Principals, per our process, are the ...2 weeks ago

          • Dave KornegayFYI, we are exploring changing how user roles work in an upcoming "Event Publisher" solution in the works. I learned that a modification is under review of applying a standard role to an individual, then applying user-specific permission controls. I ...1 day ago

          Catherine Holley

          Catherine Holley created the event What Schools are Saying about Budget and Staffing Levels

          Our second annual Budget, Staffing and Operations survey serves as a benchmarking document for K-12 and higher education operations professionals. Each year, we present the most relevant budgeting, staffing and operations data to our readers collecte ...

          2 weeks ago

            Stephanie Hostetler

            Stephanie Hostetlervoted on Status Options in Maintenance Direct

            My issue is the need to havemore status selections in Maintenance Direct. In a perfect world, we would liketo customize the status selections like we can with most other categories. Unfortunately,it appears that we are not able to do so. I received s ...

            3 weeks ago

            Kerry Bowdry

            Kerry Bowdrycreated the topic: Turn off Areas in Incident

            When we first started with Invident (ITDirect) we had multiple areas, but we are finding out this is causing issues with us adding inventory to our tickets. If the teacher picks some random area that doesn't match the inventory we can't connect the 2 ...

            1 month ago

              Gregory Allsopp

              Gregory Allsoppcreated the topic: SCHOOL DUDE UNIVERSITY

              What can i expect to learn from school dude university on the inventory direct side of things?

              1 month ago

              • Dave KornegayWe have a class from our Apps team for those who do not have IND or are brand new to it. For those who do have IND, we have two classes:

                1) Interactive: The Ins & Outs of Inventory
                Effective inventory management is key to any success ...1 month ago

              • Gregory Allsopp@Dave Kornegay
                Thank you .......1 month ago

              Dave Kornegay

              Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Updated Help Link in MaintenanceDirect

              MaintenanceDirect's Help links (at the top and bottom of every page) has been updated to redirect to our updated help content site . Other Dude solutions help content is already available and a similar enhancement is slated in the near future to upda ...

              1 month ago

                Eric Sturm
                Maintenance User Group

                Eric Sturmcreated the topic: Closing batch work orders before assigning a budget code

                I have been on School Dude for a year now. I recently had some time to snoop around and found a very under utilized work order system. I was in the help section of School Dude and read a quick insert on how to batch close. There was no information on ...

                1 month ago

                Naseem Figueroa

                Naseem Figueroacreated the topic: Chromebook Damages

                Good afternoon. I am looking to see how other districts are tracking their Chromebook repairs in Incident. I was asked for my first report of damaged displays and found that the only way to do this is to look through each of the 3,000+ incidents. Any ...

                1 month ago

                  Leslie Ballew
                  Capital Forecasting User Group

                  Leslie Ballewcreated the topic: Building Component - Roofing

                  How do you deal with the renovation versus replacement for your roofing Building Components? We are in the set up / planning stage of implementing our Capital Forecast module and would like to be able to track both renovations and replacements.

                  1 month ago

                    Leanne Day

                    Leanne Dayvoted on Go Green!

                    It would be great if there was a way to attach a certificate of liability to an organization. It would allow all administration access to the information and, being able to update the insurance with an exact copy of the COL would definitely cut down ...

                    1 month ago

                    Jeff Roller

                    Jeff Roller added the idea Incident: Allow users to edit

                    Incident: Allow users to edit the body of tickets, but only if it's still open. There is obviously an issue with a user having FULL edit rights to their own ticket, but there should be the ability to add information or edit the information sent whil ...

                    1 month ago