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Carrie Snodgrass

Carrie Snodgrass added the idea "Print This" function in Calendar (Month View) for multple months: please print the month!

I frequently use the Month View in the Calendar of FSDirect. I also use the "Print This" function frequently. When I use "Print This" for a time period that spans multiple months, it can get really confusing because it only shows the date. It's not e ...

3 hours ago

  • Dave KornegayHi Carrie, to be sure I log this in the program management report properly, are you referring to the grid view of the calendar report (the 3rd report option)? I'm sure spacing was the item to watch on many reports, but I do see where that one does n ...3 hours ago

  • Carrie Snodgrass@Dave Kornegay

    Hi! These are the steps I follow:

    1) log into FSDirect
    2) click on the Calendar tab
    3) click on ...2 hours ago

jolyn iboy

jolyn iboy added the idea Cancelling all events on a particular date

We have had record snowfall and so that means snow days and canceled events! I think it would be great, in situations such as this, to cancel all events on a day rather than going into each event one by one.

4 days ago

    Geoffrey Ott

    Geoffrey Ott added the idea Capital Forecast Import/Export

    In Capital Forecast, it would be beneficial if the print to Excel format matched the import template for building components and needs. This would enable quick batch changes of records without having to go into each one individually. It can still be ...

    5 days ago

    • Dave KornegayThank you Geoffrey. I have this opened up for voting for others to weigh in upon. Great idea.5 days ago

    Moradi Sukkari

    Moradi Sukkari added the idea Tripdirect - events scheduling

    I really think there should be an option to merge transportation requests that are received through Events scheduling into Tripdirect calendar. It is really time consuming to do resubmit transportation requests again into tripdirect. if anyone knows ...

    1 week ago

    • Dave KornegayThank you Moradi. I've opened this up for voting and for commentary on how others have addressed your scenario.

      Are most of these events athletic in nature?1 week ago

    • Moradi Sukkari@Dave Kornegay

      Well, King's Academy is a boarding school, so not only athletic events, there are weekend activities, exams that stud ...1 week ago

    • Dave Kornegay@Moradi Sukkari The reason I was asking about athletic was because we have an integration with athletic scheduling systems (e.g., Arbiter ...6 days ago

    Facadmin Dept

    Facadmin Dept added the idea FSDirect: Routing Behavior for "Approved" Status Routes

    The current routing behavior for obtaining approvals on "Setup Schedule Status Routes" seems to take the "looser approval path" when multiple rooms are included in a schedule AND the selected rooms have different routing rules. Consider the following ...

    1 week ago

    • Dave KornegayThank you. I have opened this up for commentary and have also asked for our routing gurus to take a look at your scenario.1 week ago

    Jenna Dunlop

    Jenna Dunlop added the idea Cancelling a work order

    For some reason, if you want to cancel a work order you have to choose to say "void, or defered" when there should be a clear "cancelled" option if that is in fact what you are doing. Thanks!

    1 week ago

    • Dave KornegayThank you for the feedback, Jenna. I have opened this up for voting and comments.

      I believe Void was established as a generic way of saying a work order is not valid for any reason to keep the status list from growing too long, but not nec ...1 week ago

    Jim Steward

    Jim Steward added the idea Character limit in Purchase description field in Maintenance Direct

    When working in the Maintenance Direct product- Specifically the Purchases section. The description field has a character limit of 255 characters but that is not conveyed until you click on the submit button and a pop-up box tells you that you have ...

    2 weeks ago

    • Catherine HolleyHi Jim,

      Thanks for taking the time to share this idea, I've opened it up for voting!2 weeks ago

    Lynn George

    Lynn George added the idea Delete a Whole Building - Components and Needs

    I would like to be able to delete a whole building, all components and needs as a group. This would be used if a building is torn down or lost in a fire. Hard to delete needs one at a time.

    2 weeks ago

    • Catherine HolleyHi Lynn,

      Thanks for taking the time to share this idea, I've opened it up for voting!2 weeks ago

    • Dave KornegayThank you Lynn for presenting this and to Catherine for opening this up.

      We did confirm the validation rules for disabling/deleting a building being tied to records does not incorporate a mass delete capability.

      The question I w ...2 weeks ago

    • Bobbi AntonucciI have a similar need. I want to be able to enter a decommissioning date for a building or location and have it stop computing the needs as of that date.1 week ago

    Rudy Mijo
    Maintenance User Group

    Rudy Mijocreated the topic: P M Work Order Tasks and Procedures List Checkoff

    I noticed this new enhancement on the PM Work Orders that gives a check list for tasks and procedures, as an admin I can see and use this, but my Technician does not see this. There is a PDF that can be download with the checklist, but the interacti ...

    2 weeks ago

    Jeff Lettau

    Jeff Lettau added the idea Please give us a true "batch" process for closing work orders.

    Please give us a true "batch" process for closing work orders by a request date or work order number range. A lot of time is being wasted moving work orders from "complete" to "close" ten at a time. I would like to move an entire month by request dat ...

    3 weeks ago

      Claire Burling

      Claire Burlingcreated the blog entry Preventive Maintenance Work Order Tasks and Procedures List Checkoff

      An enhancement for MaintenanceEssentials users is being released that adds a 'checklist' functionality to the Tasks and Procedures section of a work order generated from a preventive maintenance schedule. This feature will allow users to indicate tha ...

      3 weeks ago

      Sam Zippin

      Sam Zippincreated the blog entry SchoolDude Recognized as Top 10 Digital Solution Provider of 2016

      Education Technology Insights has recognized SchoolDude in the magazine’s annual Top 10 Digital Solutions Providers List for 2016 ! “ School districts are always concerned with total cost of ownership and effectively maintaining the technology stack ...

      4 weeks ago

        Topher Nichols

        Topher Nichols added the idea Audio/Visual Choices for New Schedules

        We would like a way to set-up standard choices for A/V set-ups. For example, if someone is requesting a new schedule, when they indicate "Yes, I need A/V," that there is a list of choices that they can choose from using checkboxes, i.e. Projector, La ...

        4 weeks ago

        Andrew Kidwell

        Andrew Kidwellcreated the topic: Average Salaries vs Actual Salaries on Maintenance Direct

        I was curious if anyone has had any experience using average employee salaries instead of actual salaries due to privacy concerns between employees. Would each level of employee (foreman, journeyman, trades helper) have their own different average sa ...

        1 month ago

        • Bobbi AntonucciHere at HCS we use a fully loaded average salary for our work order costs. The labor rate is the same for all employees. The expenses we included were: pay rate, benefits, truck costs, gasoline costs, avg. tools costs,and administration costs th ...4 weeks ago

        • Matthew Venturini (0350P)No experience over here. We use exact salaries, and re-calibrate it every July 1 with the fiscal year (as the pay raises kick in). The main driving force behind the exact salary instead of a floating average is the billing that we do for school gener ...4 weeks ago

        Dave Kornegay

        Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Templates for Preventive Maintenance for Schools and Educational Facilities - Vancouver School Board

        A question I often hear preventive maintenance schedules is "What should I set up?", "How detailed should it be?", "What is out there that I can use?". First, crawl before walking, much less running. Mission-critical PMs should be first to keep &hel ...

        1 month ago

          Dave Kornegay

          Dave Kornegaycreated the blog entry Update to WorkCenter Mobile App: Attachments, Signatures and Main Menu Updates

          For MaintenanceEssentials Pro users, new features being released to app stores on the evening of Tuesday, December 13 for both iOS and Android platforms. Attachments Simply choose an existing work order to attach a file to. An upcoming relea ...

          1 month ago

          • Jonathan NihartWhat does the enable direct reports option do under the New Menu Filter tab in the Work Center app? 1 month ago

          Michael Lund

          Michael Lundcreated the topic: Report on Assignment History

          Hello, I am just now learning my way around Schooldude as a manager. I was wondering if there was a way to build a report that would provide me with the assignment history for a period of time. I want to know how tickets are being "moved around". ...

          1 month ago

          Caleb Drenning
          Inventory User Group

          Caleb Drenningcreated the topic: Scanning with Mobile Computer Device

          Is there anyone using the barcodes and a scanner to it's fullest potential. I visualize my warehouse carrying a hand held device on their hip with the ability to easily receive and issue product. Please share your experiences.

          1 month ago

          • Becky WiseI have been researching this as an option for my department as well and have found out that you can use any smartphone or tablet without the need to purchase expensive scanners with wifi connectivity abilities. I found a free app that seems to be wo ...1 month ago

          • Caleb Drenning@Becky Wise thank you for sharing. I purchased a motorola MC55 mobile computer and I'm going to try it out. I will let you know how it w ...1 month ago

          • Laura RobinsonThank you for sharing as well as I have been researching this also! I envision the same as you Caleb. I am going to give it a try and play around also.1 week ago

          Sara Wright

          Sara Wrightvoted on Expand size of note field in MD ans PM Direct

          We would appreciate having the note fields large enough to put all needed info on a work order. Limiting this space limits future available information.

          1 month ago

          David Callaway

          David Callaway added the idea Expand size of note field in MD ans PM Direct

          We would appreciate having the note fields large enough to put all needed info on a work order. Limiting this space limits future available information.

          1 month ago

          • Reid MorineThis is a good idea. I have opened it up for voting.1 month ago