Cloud-Based Work Order Systems

Is your school utilizing the most efficient work order system? Or are you losing precious dollars due to lost time and miscommunication?

SchoolDude is an industry leader among school management software providers and our cloud-based work order system is revolutionizing the way schools request, perform and monitor maintenance work orders.

A traditional work order system involves requesting a task by word of mouth, a phone call or email. Then the paperwork is filled out and communicated to the maintenance team. Upon completing the job, the maintenance workers may or may not report back to management with a status update and the person who requested the job likely won’t know it’s been completed until they see it for themselves.

This work order system is anything but efficient. Electric Energy Online explains the advantages of automating your work order system and SchoolDude makes it possible.

A Work Order System That Really Works

SchoolDude’s work order software allows job requests to be quickly and easily submitted from anywhere at any time via a home or work computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. The task is then ranked in priority according to project size, budget, location or available inventory and is routed directly to specific maintenance workers.

The maintenance workers then receive a message wherever they are on their smartphone, tablet or computer alerting them of the new request. A detailed report is generated to calculate the budget and staffing needs to complete the job. The work order is then tracked in real-time and both the requester and manager are kept up to speed on the status of the job.

Sound like a more efficient work order system? Now consider that SchoolDude’s software is cloud-based for easy installation and use, priced per student range to fit every budget and comes with unlimited technical support.

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Step into the world of SchoolDude and get a better work order system for your school.

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