Predictive Maintenance Services: Predict, Don't React

The goal of predictive maintenance is to detect potential equipment failures and estimate the amount of time it will take for machinery to malfunction. When managed effectively, predictive maintenance services will promote cost savings and increase the productivity of your maintenance team.

Unfortunately, many organizations forego predictive maintenance services and instead only perform maintenance on equipment once something goes wrong. The problem with neglecting predictive maintenance is that facilities can begin to deteriorate at a rapid rate, leading to frequent (and costly) maintenance issues.

Predictive Maintenance Services for Schools

For most of us, the schools, colleges, and universities within our communities ignite a strong sense of hope, belonging, and pride. Whether we step back and look up at the school that shaped us as children, the university that prepared us for our careers, or the institution that is, as we speak, shaping our own children, there is one thing we can all believe in:

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” – Diogenes

Unfortunately, every school is not created equal. For a vast majority of public schools, there are tight budgets to stick to and hundreds to thousands of students to teach. This leads to cost cutting measures that often result in inadequate predictive maintenance.

An article published by the Washington Post found that “Public school facility investment aligns with the wealth of the community in which the school is located. In 1995-2004, schools in low-income zip codes had one-third the funding for capital projects as schools in high-income zip codes.”

For schools with limited funding, cutting out programs that they deem unessential to their daily operations seems like their only option. For many schools, this means cutting predictive maintenance services and funding.

SchoolDude develops software that streamlines the maintenance process and ensures that your predictive maintenance services are consistently and efficiently executed.

Since 1999, SchoolDude has been a market leader in cloud-based solutions for public and private schools, colleges, and universities. We help clients save time and money by managing support services effectively and efficiently. This allows institutions to provide a safe teaching and learning environment through software driven solutions.

How we improve your predictive maintenance services:

Cloud-based software. Because our solutions are cloud-based, the need for complicated installs and expensive upgrades is eliminated. On top of that, you will have access to your maintenance information from any device at any time, improving communication, productivity, and customer feedback.

Consistency. Instead of scheduling predictive maintenance services yourself, our software will do it for you. Recurring predictive maintenance schedules can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, not only freeing up some of your time, but extending the life of your equipment and facilities.

Cost savings. Extending the life of your equipment and staying current on your predictive maintenance services is a great way to preserve your capital budget. In fact, improving the productivity of your staff alone, will save you up to $20 per student in efficiency gains.

Thorough data. What’s the point of saving money and improving your processes without having the data to prove it? Our software will analyze up-to-date data to determine the effectiveness of your preventive maintenance services, justify funding and man-hours, and track the cost of predictive maintenance compared to corrective maintenance.

Up until recently, the University of Baltimore was using an outdated carbon paper system for their maintenance work orders. With over 6,000 students, 21 buildings, and 16 maintenance technicians, however, the university’s multi trades supervisor knew he needed a more efficient system. After implementing SchoolDude Maintenance Solutions, the university’s maintenance department was able to complete 6,600 work orders in one year! To learn more about our suite of solutions, sign up for a live demo!

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