Our Software Gets Your Maintenance Work Done Faster | Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

There are two main types of maintenance work and repairs that are vital to the health and success of your school. Preventive maintenance work is routine maintenance that can help identify potential problems before they start. Corrective maintenance is required when something breaks or equipment malfunctions. SchoolDude’s cloud-based software streamlines the maintenance process to save your school time and money. SchoolDude is the market leader in education enterprise asset management and today over 1 million education professionals are using our platform.

Manage Maintenance Work Order Requests Straight From Your Smartphone With SchoolDude’s Maintenance Solution Software

SchoolDude’s maintenance solutions will increase your school’s productivity by more than 20% and can automatically schedule recurring maintenance tasks to ensure your facilities and equipment always get the attention they need. What else will SchoolDude’s maintenance solution do?

  • Improve communication between users. Users can submit, view and update maintenance work order requests from their smartphones at any time.
  • Extend equipment life. While many administrators fear the cost of preventive maintenance, being proactive will actually save you money and improve the performance of your equipment.
  • Track costs. Compare preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance costs through detailed reports and graphs to budget more effectively.
  • Reduce paper waste.Remember that stack of maintenance work orders that used to be in a pile on your desk?
  • Save you time. With SchoolDude’s Maintenance solution, you will save 30 minutes per work order request.

SchoolDude’s solutions are customizable based on the size of your school and were designed to offer comprehensive solutions across all departments. Albany State University has 4,450 students and needed a way for their laundry and maintenance departments to track work orders and supplies. Since utilizing SchoolDude’s maintenance solution software, they have been able to cut their time spent on work orders in half. Want to find out how your school can gain $18 per student in efficiency? Read more about SchoolDude’s maintenance solution software here! 

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