Preventive & Planned Maintenance Management Software

PMDirect is a Cloud-based preventive maintenance scheduling solution that helps you schedule recurring maintenance tasks and generate corresponding work orders within MaintenanceDirect. Preventive maintenance, like scheduling repairs and upkeep, ensures that problems are identified before they become emergencies.

  • Generates recurring customized PM schedules and groups work orders by project, location, budget and inventory
  • Notifies user when PM work order is generated
  • Tracks costs of PM maintenance to compare costs of preventive work and reactive work
  • Generates customizable, detailed graphs and reports

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  • Preventive Maintenance Datasheet
  • Preventive Maintenance How to get started
  • Case Study University of Baltimore
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Get the Most Value

Combine preventive maintenance with:

  • Inventory management to track all inventory supplies and ensure the right parts are available for upcoming scheduled work.
  • Utility tracking to highlight if your PM program has had an impact on energy usage as equipment runs more efficiently

What Our Clients are Saying

“We use both MaintenanceDirect and PMDirect, and the SchoolDude programs do everything but the actual work for us! Our turnaround time on work orders has decreased considerably, and our faculty and staff are kept in the loop throughout the process. I am also now able to run reports using the information in the system. We love our increased efficiency with SchoolDude.”Patrica Myler, Stone Ridge School, MD